tirsdag den 5. april 2011

Pharoahe Monch, Little Vega Copenhagen

Pharoahe Monch performed at Vega last night, where he was suppose to warm-up for Common. Common decided to cancel, like so many times before, but PM did his part and gave one hell off a concert. I was there for Rapspot, where you can see the rest of the pics!

3 kommentarer:

Nicholai Møller sagde ...

Really nice pictures, really nice blog..

Anonym sagde ...

Which lens have you used?

Oh and btw. you're a huge inspiration, man! You can see some of my own shots on Bendixfoto.dk, or hit me up on FotoStart.dk (MartinLarsen)

Martin Bendix Larsen.

K-Nguyen sagde ...

I've primarily used my 50mm Carl Zeiss but also a little bit my 85mm Carl Zeiss:-D The 50mm Carl Zeiss is one of the best lens I've ever owned!

Thanks for props, keep up the good work yourself!

Cheers dude!