søndag den 27. november 2011

Toback to the Fromtime - Malk de Koijn

Yesterday I shot a danish rap group Malk de Koijn. As usually we only get to shoot the first three songs, but that was fine with me, just means more time to enjoy the concert and more time to booze up:-) I've been a fan of them since their first album, I practically grew up with their songs. They performed in front of 6000+ people, all jumping from the front row to deep down in the back! It's been long since I have felt so strong a crowd to a danish hiphop concert. Well Done MdK!

onsdag den 23. november 2011

Henrik Qvortrup X Kenneth Nguyen

When it comes to people that I respect, Henrik Qvortrup is one of them. I may not be a big fan of some of his professions, but I am a big fan of who he is and how good he is at his work.

Father & daughter

tirsdag den 15. november 2011

Jacob Holdt X Kenneth Nguyen

One of my most favourite and inspirational photo-journalist, came by my office/studio/shop to participate in my Mugshot project. His name is Jacob Holdt and is mostly known for his American pictures , which has been on display all over the world and have also been published as a book with the same title!

It has not only been his work, who has inspired me, but also his personality. The way he connects with people is somehow very amazing and rare. In my world, the connection between you and the objects you're shooting is the most important thing. TRUST!

I feel blessed to have met Jacob Holdt on a more personal level and are very honored that he would be a part of my Mugshot project. One of my most memorial day in my career!

torsdag den 10. november 2011

Fantasio & Joy

onsdag den 9. november 2011

When we are bored!

Yeah we do some weird stuff, when we are bored

Untitled from Kenneth Nguyen Photography on Vimeo.

tirsdag den 8. november 2011

Late night jamming with Taylor Rankin & Philip Halloun

I came across Taylor Rankin through my good friend Gwen, who introduced me to him because he needed some press pics. We had a meeting a few weeks ago, and Taylor has some really crazy ideas, that sounds like fun for me to try out:-D I visited him and Philip last night, to listen to what they have up their sleeves and it sounded really awesome. You can listen to some of his old work on his site. Definetly worth checking out! Do it HERE!

torsdag den 3. november 2011

Mugshot! 300 done, 700 to go!

Oh my gosh, I've made it to 300 portraits and still 700 to go. As it seems right now, It feels like there is no end in sight. The many mails and feedback have been overwhelming and I am still having a hard time answering all the mails that I get! But don't worry, I'll do my best to reply them all!

I feel really thankful to all of you, who have been supporting this project and who wants to take part in it!

Check all 300 portraits on my site: http://knphotography.dk/mugshot/