tirsdag den 26. april 2011

Otta Trolle, The Pug

Kaspar has this sweet little pug puppy named Otta. She is only 11 weeks old and allready has our hearts in a iron fist! He came by the studio the other day for my douche series and he brought her with him, so she could join him in the shots:-D

She did soo good with him, that I decided to shoot her separetly and it turned out really sweet, so sweet, that Rezet made her a poster-girl:-D

2 kommentarer:

Mashed Potatoes sagde ...

Hvor er det fedt. Jeg kan godt lide det rene look og flotte lys. Helt klart en poster værd! :)

Thomas Rosendahl sagde ...

Super billeder, og sød hund! :)