fredag den 14. august 2015

Foderbrættet X Le-Fix

Quick shoot for the homies!

The Hotdog Gourmet restaurant/Cocktail bar Foderbrættet, just released their recent tee collab with the Danish Copenhagen brand Le-Fix.

Villads Larsen

Simone Holme Pallesen

Romeo Espleta
Assistant Michael Jose

Special thanks to Dr Martens

torsdag den 6. august 2015

HAN Kjøbenhavn BTS Copenhagen Fashion Week 2015 August

Like always, there is only one show I wanna do A "behind the scene" on during Copenhagen Fashion Week and that is The HAN Kjøbenhavn show. The designers and creators of Han Kjøbenhavn Tim and Jannik is one of Denmark most innovating designers and the same goes for their shows. They put so much time into it and don't care about the hazzle it takes to organize such a huge show.
They always come up with something new, it's never the same and they always find a way to surprise the audience and thats why I love working with them.

Not only are they good at what they do, but they run their bussiness like no others. Besides their flag store in Copenhagen, they have a second store in NYC which is doing beyond great and they also recently just opened their third store, which is located in Paris.

From left to right: Jannik & Tim

Me being artsy

If you wish to use any of my pictures from the BTS, please email me before you do.

If you choose to ignore my request, then let me inform you, that I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career of people snatching my photography. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you, who think they can just take what they want without asking for permission. If you let me know and remember to give me credit for my work, it will be the end of it - I will not look for you, I will not pursue you... but if you forget, I will look for you, I will find you... and I will fucking kill you... not really, but I will fucking sue you for what's it worth.

Those are real Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs and before you go Disney crazy animal loving nut ape shit on the boys for using animals as part of the show, then let me inform you that these wolfdogs are trained to be in movies and are capable to be in surroundings more noisy than a bunch of fashion people, bloggers and whatever... so please chill the fuck out.



See you next year.

onsdag den 5. august 2015


I'm not the typical fashion photographer, in fact I don't see myself as a fashion photographer at all.
I find my inspiration through the sneaker industry and the less "fashionable" high end brands. I'm a huge fan of street style and the unique and upcoming brands who takes chances with looks, ideas and who has great concepts. I've have through out the years been working with brands that I loved and who now have changed to a more comfortable and commerciel ways, which meant they went with new photographers(Which is cool).

I always said to myself that I rather work with companies and people who I like and who listen to the ideas that I have. Having a team behind you, who supports you in every way is fucking important.
I loved working for Naked and Asics and I am very proud of the results, the huge attention that the shoe and my campaign shots have gotten so far.
It is huge for me when things like this hit sites like Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, SneakerFreaker and etc.

All in all this has been another great experience for me and I look forward to work with great teams like I had on this shoot.

Thank you


Kenneth Nguyen

Ed caught me in a very awkward moment, where I show our beautiful model Rose how I wanted her to pose... As you can see below she did a way better job than I did posing:-D

About the team and the sneaker
Copenhagen-based female sneaker store Naked, teams up with Asics for a collaborative release of the Gel Lyte V - and the first ever women's only Asics Tiger collaboration. The sneaker, inspired by the city of Copenhagen, covers a range of diverse colors each representing distinctive parts of the city. The combination of mint, coral, and rain camo signify the unique experience of watching late night summer sunsets on the copper plated rooftops scattered throughout the city, thus dubbing the sneaker 'Hafnia', the Latin word for Copenhagen. The sneaker features a black and mint nubuck upper with pops of coral, complemented by a dark grey camo neoprene tongue. Details include white splatter on side stripes, 3M on the heel, a transparent outsole and extra sets of mint and coral rope laces.

The NAKED x Asics Tiger Gel-Lyte V 'Hafnia' drops August 5th for Copenhagen Fashion Week.
The first 100 customers will receive a limited shoebox from Krate&Co engraved with the 'Hafnia' emblem.

Click here to purchace the Naked x Asics Gel-Lyte V 'Hafnia'


Photography by me of course.

Model @rosehermansen
1st assistant @christofferphoto.
2nd assistant @toughlens
Make-up artist @kirstineengell
Stylist @pernillle_rosenkilde

Model @rosehermansen 1st assistant @christofferphoto. 2nd assistant @toughlens Make-up artist @kirstineengell Stylist @pernillle_rosenkilde - See more at:

Vanguard Festival 2015

Once again the Hiphop festival Vanguard had some great names and I was there shooting for Rapspot.

One of the few festival I actually enjoy shooting!

 Kool Keith


Lee Fields





Ukendt Kuntsner

Jay Electronica

Lee 'Scratch'Perry

Sugarhill Gang