mandag den 21. juli 2014

Free Palastine

The world cries for Palastine

torsdag den 17. juli 2014

The morning after-part 16

If you were at this years Roskilde festival and saw Major Lazer, you proberly noticed a bouncing booty on the two giants big screen at Orange stage. Yup Major Lazer had invited danish twerk Queen Louise on stage, to represent Denmark and yes she did a pretty good job doing so!

Her she is in my bed-sheet series!

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torsdag den 10. juli 2014

The morning after-part 15

I never quite understood the question, that non tattoo people sometimes ask: "What are you gonna do with your tattoos when you grow old and they all get wrinkled?", well what are YOU gonna do when you just grow old and wrinkle? Colors never hurt anyone, so who cares?!

This is Anne Lindfjeld, properly the baddest rock chick in town and she has 2 kids and a guy, so you dogs out there better behave cause she can kick your ass! Oh and yes I said it, 2 kids, don't let anybody tell you that you can't get in shape after giving birth. A'lot of hard work and discipline is what it takes! Respect!

Btw we were done shooting in less than an hour! 


If you would like to participate, you are more than welcome to write me an email:

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tirsdag den 8. juli 2014

Roskilde Festival 2014

This is the 7th year in a row, that I attend Roskilde festival. The first year I didn't even own a camera. The 2nd year I brought my first DSLR camera and I ended up taking an award winning music photo, awarded by the Danish music magazine GAFFA. The year after that and the following 4 years, I took concert pictures for a Danish Hip Hop portal called Rapspot. Since last year's Roskilde, I had been playing with the thought about just relaxing and have fun with my boys without having to think about work, running between the music stages, deadlines and etc. It was a hard choice to make, but I got myself together and I said no to photo work this year. Though I did bring my camera, but promised myself that I would keep it at a minimum use. A few flicks came out of it, enjoy.