fredag den 29. april 2011

Douche series #6 Pato cool as a motherf@ck

Nine out of ten times when I bump into Pato, I'm either on the job or I'm drunk and when we do bump into each other, he is either drunk or on stage! Pato is one cool douch off-stage and even a more cool mofo douchebag when on stage performing with either White Pony or Specktors! He is proberly one of the nicest rapper/douche I've ever met AND he is getting married to one of Cph's coolest douchettes Christel(By the way Christel, I'm doing a douchette series and you have to be in it!)

torsdag den 28. april 2011

Mr We made it! mads arlien søborg

Tonight I was doing some coverage work for Samsøe Samsøe. They were having this get together thing in colab with Fredericia Furniture, where all these fashionbloggers were invited. Samsøe Samsøe had also invited Mr We made it, to talk about trend and how fashion meets design and the other way around! Before I was off, I pulled him to the side for a quick snap:-D

OPEN! Gourmet for a reasonable price! YUMMY!

This is the first and proberly also the last competition, that I am going to have on my blog. But the reason for why Im doing this, is that I recently visited this gourmet light Restaurant calledOPEN, that one of my friends are a chef at. I did some work for them some time ago and theywere so satisfied, that they invited me and a guest in for a 6 course menu with 6 different wines. I’m more of a fastfood kinda guy, but gotta say I loved what we got served that night!

OPEN goes under the categori Gourmet Light, where the main focus is concentrated on the food. When people think of gourmet, they often think of something fancy and prizy, but that’s not what OPEN is about. Its about not being so stiff, many waiters, many chefs in the kitchen and crazy looking plating. Its all about the food and a good tasty experience for the guest to a reasonable price! Go check out their webpage,

The winner will get a 6 course menu with wine for him/her and a guest!

What I need from you, is a few line about what food means to you and a picture that fits your description. The competition will go on for three weeks, whereafter me and a chef from OPEN, will sit down and go through your answers!

To enter the competition go to their facebook group right here and post a picture with a description!

Looking forward to see what you guys got to say and show:-D

onsdag den 27. april 2011

Douche series #5 Daddy douche Trolle

Kaspar is a well known Dj here in Copenhagen and have been living the douche life since day 1. But all that has changed(a little) after this cute puppy pug Otta came into his life! He is still a douchebag without a doubt, but she has definetly done something to him. You can clearly see the luv in his eyes!... Kaspar be honest with me, you only got Otta for the ladies attention right;-)

tirsdag den 26. april 2011

Otta Trolle, The Pug

Kaspar has this sweet little pug puppy named Otta. She is only 11 weeks old and allready has our hearts in a iron fist! He came by the studio the other day for my douche series and he brought her with him, so she could join him in the shots:-D

She did soo good with him, that I decided to shoot her separetly and it turned out really sweet, so sweet, that Rezet made her a poster-girl:-D

søndag den 24. april 2011

Douche series #4 Thanh aka Tango

I have known Tango for quiet awhile now, but we never really chilled out together, until 2-3 month ago when we teamed up out there in the light of darkness and got douche with all the other douchebags! Tango is and if not the most douchebag asian guy I know, but still at the same time has his heart at the right place! If yo don't believe me, just take a look at the pics! No homo, but Thanh I luv you bro!!

tirsdag den 19. april 2011

Bellman & Ulla Vs Rezet Store

I've been babysitting these two frenchies for one and a half weeks now and gonna have them for a total two weeks. It is going to be sad when I have to return them back on saturday:-( We've been chillin in the parks, bycycling on my friend's Christania bike aka Wu-Wagon.
The last two days, we've been by the new sneaker store Rezet, on Rådhusstræde 7 where I was shooting some product pics and did some sales aswell:-D The boys in the shop have been loving these two doggies so much, they made Bellman and Ulla honors guests. While I was shooting some Oakley sunglasses today, Bellman kept coming into the studio and observing what I was doing and all the sudden... BOOM! Bellman is a poster boy! CONGRATS Bellman!

We are proud to present our new team rider, Bellman Dawg!
Graphics & text by Rasmus Mathias Holm


Aloe Blacc concert, Vega Copenhagen!

Aloe Blacc visited Vega yesterday and he made sure that every single girl in the room did there part in screaming their lungs out... and actually so did the guys!! I was there yet again working for, where you later can read a review of the concert. My fellow photographer and roomie Lasse Kofod was also there shooting for Vega and got some really nice shots aswell! Check em out!
We were 4 photographer in the pit and as usually we only got to shoot in the first 3 songs and then we got escorted out, so we could put our gear away. The concert was off the hook and the mood was high!! A 7 out of 10 from me, let's see if my reviewer thinks the same:-D

To those of you, who doesn't know Aloe Blacc, check out the video below:-D

søndag den 17. april 2011

Douche series #3 The inner douchebag panda!

First time I ever met the inner panda was 4-5 years ago. We both worked in Blockbuster and I really hated that job, but the peeps that worked there made it a'lot easiere! One of my best experience with him, was some dumb fight we were involved in. I'm not saying that it was cool, that we were in a fight, but we got connected that night and we have been friends ever since! The inner douche panda's name is Stefan Petersen, he started Klashy with some guys, among them is Kaave, that you've seen as the first douche in this series that I'm making. They rocked Distortion last year, with their parties and they are most definetly gonna rock this years Distortion aswell!