onsdag den 28. december 2011


søndag den 18. december 2011

A step back in time!

I've always had something for laundromats in a none weird way.
Mostly people just want to get in there and get it done and over with, but for me it's kinda like taking a step back in time. Imagine how many different people with different stories, who has walked in and out of there. It is truly a kind of a time capsule

Many of the laundromats in Copenhagen hasn't be renovated since they first opened. The color on the walls, the posters, the machines and the decorations are still the same and probably more than a decade older than me. I spotted a half torned warning sign that was posted on my birthday in 1991, I was only 8 at the time.

Gl. Kongevej

H.C Ørstedsvej



The only thing that has changed is the prize!

torsdag den 15. december 2011

Help Portrait, Copenhagen

I was one of the four photographers, who yesterday particpated in the Help Portrait project in Copenhagen.

The purpose in Help portrait is to give those, who need to ease the bank account, an extra hand with the christmas gifts or just give the experience to be photographed by a professional photographer. It's all about giving during these stressed days in december.

It was about to get dropped this year, because no one had time. So in the last seconds, Tommi and I volunteered for the project and created a small crew of 5 photographers. We only had a month to set it up, so a big thx to the girls, Helena, Kalle & Sanne we wouldn't be able to do this without you guys and of course a big up to Støbberiet(location), Canon, HP for printers and prints material and Module Photo for delivering the studio gear! Another big thx to Vitamin Well and Nørregade candy and all those who was kind enough to donate some money, you know who you are;-)

Here are just a few of the portraits, Tommi and I did

Thats Tommi my partner in crime in the middle.

In only 5 hours we had almost 300 people by and over a hundred portraits divided to 4 photographers and two photobooths:-)

Hopefully next year, we will have bigger locations and more photographers to join up, so we all can make a litte something for someone who needs it!

A big thx to all and a Merry christmas!

Help-Portrait 2011 Announcement Video

The Help Portrait project started back in 2009 by the photographer Jeremy Cowart.

Our little booth

mandag den 12. december 2011

Nguyen = n ew w eh n

I've been fighting for ages with friends/people, who asks: "How do you pronounce your last name". Even my closest friends still can't get it right, so the other day, when I was just chillin, I asked some friends to say it to me, while I filmed them with my Iphone. A bit fun came out of it.

Sorry it's only in danish.

tirsdag den 6. december 2011

Mr Sparks!

I met Mr Sparks here, on my way to work this morning, slizing and dicing this wall up:-)

Cigarettes, lucky charmes, markers, numbers & bingo! Cold cash prize only:-)

It wasn't the party/event pics, nor the concerts, musicians, facebook, shooting semi to fully celebrities, that got me into photography. What really started my interest in photography, back in the days(which is 4-5 years ago) was photojournalism. All the mayhem on Nørrebro that winter night in 2007, is what I can thank for making me pick up a camera. There were some obstacles, that stood in my way to pursuit photojournalism. There were someone that I didn't wanted to leave behind in Cph, because the school is in Århus and besides that, I am a terrible writer, I hate exams and tests and etc:-S

I had that dream for awhile, but then my photography business got crazy and it kinda slipped my mind. I haven't been doing photojournalism or coverage,(call it what you want) as much as I wanted, because I simply didn't have the time for it. So when I got this job for a Yoga studio, I thought I shoot it in a more journalism perspective eye. I was really happy with the results, but unfortunately I had to take them down again for some reason, that is "beyond my understanding":-( But at least my taste for photojournalism came back and I felt doing it again. Yes I know, I know, I still need a'lot of practise and learn more about it, so please don't eat me up, because I call it photojournalism;-)

So yesterday I decided to find myself a challenge, and found this bingo place on Østerbro, which is open everyday with more than 200 players.
I made a quick phonecall, got my green light and got my ass out to Østerbro.

I want to thank Kurt for letting me shoot the place up, on such a short notice:-)