mandag den 29. maj 2017

The last one - Shooting Frederikke

As you have probably noticed, I had to take my last series down with the other girl due to relationship issues (not my relationship). It was a real pitty as it reached almost 10k views in less than two days and that was even without showing her face, it was also about to be shown on's blog, so it would have gone very far.
Mostly it is a shame because it was two days of work completely wasted, but ofc I wanted to respect her boyfriend's wish so there for I took it down.

Still I have to make a statement due to having experienced this too many times, actually the last 3 series I've done had to been taken down. 
People: Communication is KEY if you are in a relationship. I have ended up waisting insanely much time with this type of photos due to poor communication between a couple.

The intention with this series was to create photos that shows 'ordinary'/no agency girls (or however that can be said in a not offending way) - in an intimate, natural and beautiful way, without objectifying or sexualizing them and their bodies. That being said I understand that a shoot like this needs careful attention in a relationship. This goes for my own relationship too. Trust is created through careful communication, respect of feelings and opinions, and many of the shoots that I have taken down, the issues have always been related to poor communication between the girl and the boyfriend.

Due to these past experiences I have decided that this series will only continue in more formal and professionel manner, since it is simply not worth the hazzle. Shooting a whole day, edit a whole day, upload it and then have to take it down, not freakin worth it!
Therefore let me present to you in collaboration with Euroman, Frederikke Lykkel also known on Instagram as Frederikkelykkel. she has more than 200K followers and runs her own business.
This last year she has blown up with such pace it's hard to keep up with and I'm sure she will keep blowing up!

Enjoy this series.

søndag den 28. maj 2017

Shooting Euro Cup final for adidas Global

Last week I was in Stockholm to shoot some new unreleased football related products, among those was the Nemeziz football shoe. We toured the city from the day we came and if you follow me on Instagram and saw my stories, you know I had major logistics problem with Norwegian and my luggage. They did manage to get me luggage the night before I was flying back.

Besides shooting products for adidas, they also had a surprise for us, they hooked us up with a pitch spot the first half of the Euro Cup final. It was an amazing experience to witness the game from their and of course the atmosphere was mindblowing. After first half we were invited up to the Hospitality stands, which was a 1st class treatment, unfortunatly we couldn't bring our cameras there, but that was okay, we could finally sit back and relax and enjoy the game!

With the terrible terror attack in Manchester, I didn't knew what to expect, but I could feel a'lot of respect from both corners.

This lad got my attention instantly, I had to photograph him but waited for the right moment so I could get the right expression.
This shot got posted on Soccerbible's Instagram account and reached more than 70.000 likes!

 Spottet Pogba's brother rocking the new Man United jersey.

 Mine is bigger than yours!

1-0 by Pogba

 Pogba and Danish player Dohlberg

 Ajax fans

Congrats to Man United 2-0

Hope you enjoyed a different perspective of the game than normally.

torsdag den 18. maj 2017

Shaka Loveless

A follow up from my last NYC post. A month ago I flew to NYC to work with the Danish musician Shaka Loveless to shoot his press material for his next up coming solo album. We only had one real shooting day and on that day it really poured down on us. Shaka requested the photos to be in a documentary style, so we did. I followed him around for a day in the neighborhood of where he was recording.

So from meeting up at a coffee shop to moving out in the pouring rain to find spots to shoot in, searching for cover in the music studio and ending the day off by visiting a Danish Michelin star restaurant in Brooklyn with a 5 course menu.