mandag den 21. august 2017

Never seen "Behind the scene" photos from the movie 9 April

Some jobs I enjoy more than others and that is being on huge film productions like the one I did for Nordisk film where I worked on and off set. The production and casts who turns into a big family all working their best to deliver. Even though I was only on set for a small amount of time I feel blessed that I still got to have that family vibe. My work was only suppose to be used as web press material but the end result of my work was that good that it got used for all press, cinema releases, dvd covers and billboard sized posters.

It was such a honor to be onboard this production, thx to Mette Ohlendorff for giving me the call!

Producer Rene Ezra
Producer Rene Ezra and brother and Director Roni Ezra going through the script with the main actor Pilou Asbæk in Budapest where some of the big battle scenes were filmed.

 Elliot and Gustav going going through a scene script
 Some of the younger cast and Rene Ezra


 The waiting game

 Roni and legendary DOP Philippe Kress


 Pilou & Jan

 The main cast
 The set designer

 Budapest extras playing danish soldiers

 Mathias & Mikkel

 Pilou & Martin Greis

 This shot was used for the online  poster

 Gustav very early in the morning.

 Hiding from the rain

 Polish pros

 I can't remember the joke

The bikes was custom made and I remember how the cast said, they were extremely hard to bike almost impossible!

 It was easier just to run with them

 Small break

 Small family within a big family

 Peeping through the tent

 Real tree

 Mette Ohlendorf & Rene

 Lunch break.
 Nap time


 The classic Band of brothers shot

HaderslevSecond set visit was in Haderslev where I spend a week or less with the crew filming and shooting.

Ever wonder how they make the recochet shot in movies without using computer effects? Spot the "paintball" gun on the left.

 The Wilem Dafoe shot

 Germen extras looking at monuments from the actual war.

This shot with Gustav and Pilou below was shot during breaks both got to be used on cover and other print releases.
 This one was used as billboard posters and dvd covers

 Young German soldier bleeding out. I believe the scene was never used

 The brothers
 Danish extras waiting for for the call

 How the Danish motorcycle soldiers looked like in the 40's.

 Pilou stepped out of break to say hi to the younger fans

 The Danish production crew.

 The cast fooling around with the kids

 This scene was an exact replica of an actual photo from the day the Germens came.
Actual photo.

 Some of the veterans portrayed in the movie came to visit on set