fredag den 23. august 2013

Finding peace in the south east of Iceland

I didn't find asnwers to all my questions, but some were answered and I'll have to come back here soon to find the last pieces to the puzzles in my mind. 

I'm coming home Copenhagen!

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onsdag den 21. august 2013

HARPA Concert hall!

I finally had the time to stop by and talk with Sunna the facillity leader of Harpa Concert & conference hall. We talked back and forth about my project and she agreed to let me up on their roof. Unfortunatly it was raining and too windy, so we decided that it was best, that I waited for better weather. They gave me two access cards and I could do what I wanted to, witin reason of course... I went up there anyway, but I didn't go to the edge or anything extreme. The wind was just too strong and the glass-like surface that was wet, didn't really encourage me at all, though I got to film a little.

The Harpa Concert Hall

Screen shot from the GoPro camera

Finding peace on Iceland

So I'm on Iceland trying to find peace. I've been having a tough year so far with lots of work, thoughts and so on. It's all good though, and the many projects that I have been doing have turned out to be succesful, even more than I could ever wish for! I'm happy, excited and thrilled about life and now it's all about relaxation for another few days, before I head back to Copenhagen and on to NYC for a job interview with GREY.

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torsdag den 8. august 2013

Vanguard Festival 2013

Pharoah Monch

De La Soul

Malk de Koijn


Wu Tang

Shot the whole festival with my Canon 5D mk2 using a 50mm Carl Zeiss 1.4, manual focus.
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onsdag den 7. august 2013

Urban Exploring with Lumia 925

Nokia recently gave me call regarding the new Nokia Lumia 925, which will soon be available here in Denmark. They asked me if I wanted to test the smartphone and the camera in particular, and curious as I am I decided to give it a go.

The main reason for the project is to put the 8.7 MP PureView camera to the test. Lumia 925 has no less than six optical lenses developed by Carl Zeiss with an f/2.0 aperture and optical image stabilization, so it is supposed to take brilliant pictures in low light conditions. Pretty exciting stuff.So for the next month this is going to be my camera of choice in my Urban Exploring Project. For testing the limits of the smartphone, I’m going to shoot most of the pictures in dark places. That seems to make good sense.

Check out the video below (edited by Nokia) and follow my updates on Instagram. I’ll be using #Lumia925 for general shots and #urbex925 for urban exploring.