fredag den 16. februar 2018


I'm not gonna lie that I've never really had that much of a interest in our Royal family, but that doesn't mean I couldn't show them my respect and give them my condolence. After all they have always been there through my upbringing one way or another.
Yesterday I randomly stopped by Amalienborg castle to see the flower contribution that are layed on the Square in honor of our late Prince Consort Henri.
To my surprise the two Princes Frederik and Joachim and their family showed up on the square to say thanks for the support, I think it was my first time to actually see them in real life, I felt their presence, their sorrow and their relief that their father finally have found peace.

King Henri this is for you!

fredag den 2. februar 2018

ELAINE HERSBY CPHFW 2018 AW - Behind the scene

Another friend of the house who's show I won't miss out on, especially because I had to cancel on her the last time.

What a great show