lørdag den 16. december 2017


First time shooting a FCK match

søndag den 12. november 2017

20 minutes shoot with Stranger Things and SKAM stars

It's been one heck of a week.
Monday I was on a top secret Netflix production set to shoot some very cool people.

Tuesday I was again working with the Netflix team where I met two awesome and down to earth young people at Copenhagen finest 5 star hotel, Hotel d'Angleterre. Linnea Berthelsen from Stranger Things S2 and Henrik Holm from SKAM.
As you probably know, I've posted very little on my own social media channels such as Instagram (did a bit more on my stories) and one post of each actors on my feed. It resulted in an intense response. Especially the photos of Henrik. A response which I honestly haven't imagined beforehand.

Working with stars, there will always be trolls in the crowd. In this regard there were two IG accounts going nuts (private accounts ofc). BUT the positive response; love and support from SKAM fans has been completely overwhelming. After these couple of days I'm 100 pct convinced that SKAM has the best and most supportive fanbase and that this series must have had a huge impact in some sort of way. Due to my age I'm not exactly in the obvious target group for SKAM, but there is no doubt that I will have to watch the show now. Which means that as soon as I get some free time I will have to marathon watch both Stranger Things S2 and the 4 seasons of SKAM.

To all the people and fans of both Stranger Things and SKAM who have been so nice, I hope you had a great week and weekend and to those two haters... Well I hope you had a great week too;-)

Had a small 20 minutes shoot with Linnea and Henrik... Actually I was given 20 minutes with Linnea and then 2 minutes with Henrik before they had to go do the interviews.

I also did some vlogging behind the shoot and I even English subbed it, specially for you guys.

Client: Netflix
Hair/Make up: Sidsel Marie Bøeg
Photography by Kenneth Nguyen

Big up to the crew and production who made this day very enjoyable and easy.

Hope all you guys had a great weekend!

torsdag den 9. november 2017

Felix De Luca

I've been missing doing more portraits of my musician friends but time have been so little and work have been so much. A'lot of commercial stuff and travelling, I guess it's a sign that I'm finally growing up.

But with all the things that I do and my new Danish project to run a Danish Vlog on Youtube is really demanding, but also very motivating.

I've been friends with Felix for almost a decade, but we're never got to shoot together until now.

My style of shooting with Felix is less fashion and what not, we see a'lot of that already out there at the moment so I just wanted to do my own thing.

Shot on Canon EOS 5D MK4
Canon 24mm 1.4

Only use of natural light.

Here's a small selection from the shoot, there will be more to see on Felix's own social channels
Instagram @felixdeluca

knsupremeleader@gmail.com You know what to do!

 Regarding the smoke, it was used under controlled circumstances

For those of you who doesn't know Felix De Luca's music, check out the videos below

And his Soundcloud