onsdag den 25. juni 2014

As we enter

Somewhere on the devil's island!


mandag den 16. juni 2014

Too hot for Instagram

Too hot for Instagram so they deleted it and emailed me a warning...
Come on, you see more fucked up shit on Instagram than two half butt cheeks!

lørdag den 7. juni 2014

My short Distortion 2014

So my Distortion this year only lasted for two days. Either it's because I had to attend a wedding saturday or it's because I'm getting too old to drink and smoke my brain cells to shit, four days in a row!

Like last year, I decided not to do a full coverage of Distortion... why?
Well just look around, who hasn't a camera these days, either it's a DSLR, a phone or a fucking Ipad.
I didn't really felt the need to shoot something as everybody else does... and I actually do enjoy just scrolling through other people's pics and think; "Hey I was there"!
Though the hundreds of pictures does get mixed in the crowd and they will quickly be forgotten.

But when that's been said, that still didn't stop me from bringing my camera to the party!

My shots during the first two Distortion days, from Nørrebro and Vesterbro.

Btw I just need to say this out loud: Any of you fucking assholes that thinks it's funny and okay to throw a beer can, empty, half full or un-open into a dancing crowd, are a genuine certified boner fuck face! One unlucky can to the face and someone will get hurt badly. I know you intentionally don't wanna hurt anybody, but actually you intentionally DO wanna hurt somebody by throwing it into a crowd. So stop being a douchebag and just get drunk, have fun and take care of each other!

See you next year!

tirsdag den 3. juni 2014

The WOW air experiment

It's been an amazing year, have visited so many places around the world, London, NYC, Rio, Iceland, Italy, Finland, Vietnam, Thailand, Budapest and now Iceland for the second time. 
I've met some amazing welcoming people, made new friends, saw a bus explode, a massive riot, tasted teargas, tasted delicious food from different cultures and been at peace with myself and just enjoy the life that I have. My heart has definetly growned, my mind found it's peace and my passion for travelling even more!

6 other Instagramers and I got invited by WOW air to Iceland for 4 days, to get an exclusive tour to the south/south east of Iceland. They complimented with the tickets, Kex Hostel provided us with a place to sleep, Reykjavik Excursion with the tours, Special tours with the very fun boat fishing trip, Kex Hostel, Kol restaurant, Vegamont restaurant and Hverfisgata 12 for the very tasty and incredible food and Lebowski bar for getting us drunk few hours before departure!

And a big up to my Icelandic bro Höddi and his buddy Siggi for putting all this together! 
This would'nt be possible without your hard work, THANKS guys!

Check out the 360 selfie video I made while I was there. If the pictures don't show you the massive'ness, I'm sure this will or at least put a smile on your face;-)

Day 1

First day we stayed in and around Reykjavik. We was promised bad weather alle week, but the northen god saw us coming and blessed us with an almost clear sky!

Everybody needs to take a selfie now and then.



@Justhanni and I tresspassing

Day 2

Landscape of Hellisheioi
Our first real look on the beatiful landscape of Iceland!

It takes a hundred years to grow this mos!


Our young buck @Nikolajthaning caught while snapping!

Geysir watching
This place smells like fart, but a must see!
Did you know that the Geysirs are privately owned?

@Justhanni and I tresspassing again!

Snowmobile in the glaciers
Definetly a fun ride!

@Bobbyanwar @Sondergaard @Fellecool @Cirkeline @Justhanni & @Nikolajthaning

Massive Gullfoss
If you should decide to visit Iceland, Gullfoss is a must vist. I gurantee that you will get blown away by the view!


Another selfie


Is one if Iceland's biggest waterfall, that you can go behind and under(Remember waterproof clothing)

Day 3

Dropping by the volcano Eyjafjallajökull
This is the volcano that erupted in April 2010 and totally stunned the air traffic in Europe.
Eyjafjallajökull(Yeah you try to pronounce that) now lays in it's sleep, still snorring underneath a thick layer of ice glacier. 

Hiking in the mountains of Pórsmörk
This one was one tough walk, but a big up for Volcano huts for such a beatiful route.

Let's go 1 on 1!

I first spotted @Bobbyanwar, when uploading this photo to my Mac!

@Justhanni standing in my way!

Did you know movies such as Oblivion, Noah, The hit series Games of Thrones was filmed here in Iceland?

Siggi from far away, taking 5 minutes to enjoy the view without any of us blocking the view with our tech stuff!

@Justhanni found a spot!

Day 4

Going glacier hiking in the Myrdalsjökull
This was so awesome, until a dark sky came upon us and decided to let go a huge load of piss down on us... though the view up there made it worth it:-D

Glacier guide Tom


@Nikolaj Thaning

Waiting for @Justhanni

@hoddiphoto and @Sondergaard

The crew

Skogafoss waterfall
This place is so awesome and very photogenic. I've seen this place ones before, both times in rainy weather, but either way rain or not, remember to carry a rain coat with you, because you will get your ass soaked. 

@Cirkeline taking her position!


Everyone who is a nature lover like me or just keen on adventure, WOW air is now offering cheap flights to Iceland in a campaign celebrating their 2 years birthday. Quickly go and book before it is too late!http://booking.wowair.co.uk/campaign/wowmoment?utm_source=Blog&utm_medium=link&utm_content=KENNETH&utm_campaign=Instagram