lørdag den 5. november 2016

First time on the West coast! LA - SF - Yosemite - LA

Been to America several times but for some reason I've only been to NYC. This time though I went to LA with my extended family and also I went rogue for a couple of days to San Francisco and Yosemite to meet up with some friends from back home

Remember to check out my VLOGS in the bottom! I can promise you some pretty sick  Drone footage!

 I gotta admit that this view point over LA and view of the Hollywood kinda sucked!

 Quick stroll on Hollywood boulevard. It took us like 30 minutes and we bounced!


 Headed to San Francisco with great friends Jesper Palermo and Sophie Kamp

We woke up really early this one day for some awesome sunrise shot and I got some pretty gnarly drone shots from here as well! Go to bottom for VLOGS.

 Jesper Palermo

Yosemite was such a dream come true, unfortunatly we only had have a day here. A must "Come back to" one day!

After four days from the family I was back in LA. We lived in Orange County so I had to take the train from Union Station

 Walt Disney concert hall


 Thanh my brother from another mother

 Cool cat from Melrose

 Thanh and Frederikke

 I almost gave up on this place because of the selfie stick army, but then she showed up

 Legendary Venice Beach is amazing with a'lot of characters

Unfortunatly there are also a'lot of homeless people here. By unfortunatly I mean the condition of being homeless

 Like I said

Halloween special at the LAX airport


tirsdag den 27. september 2016

Comic Con Copenhagen 2016

Got to experience my first Comic Con here in Copenhagen.
Just a few flicks from the event, I was busy filming for the Vlog!

 Homie Timo creeping up on female Dead Pool

 Homie Lou

 Homie Mario

 Made a new Homie Jan