søndag den 26. februar 2012

Bromance in the wilderness

Spring is at our doorsteps and today the sun was shining! How better to spend it, than with your bros at Dyrehaven & Bakken in Klampenborg!?

Perfect beautiful sunny sunday!


True Bromance

lørdag den 25. februar 2012

Anti ACTA, Copenhagen!

Fight for democracy online and offline, say no to ACTA!

Real life Mr Smith? :-)

fredag den 24. februar 2012

Help Kenneth, so he can help others!

Yet again I have startet a new charity project!
I opened the facebook group monday and already have over 400 likes!

My new baby project is about raising money to Doctors without boarders
Many have come to put in their 5 cents. A clothing company have offered their help with a procentage of each item they sell, a event maker company has offered funding party, where all the earnings will go to the project and much more.

The description on my facebook is only in danish, so here you got the translated version:-)

We often think about helping others, but we are usually too busy with our own everyday stuff and so it never amounts to anything more than that thought.
Therefore I have decided to take advantage of my network to start a help organization

My first goal is to raise 50.000 kr for Doctors without borders. This does not require more than a little donation from you. How much, is up to you.

The idea for this came when a friend pointed out: “Kenneth, you have almost 5000 friends on facebook. Just think if each of them all donated 10 kr, then you would have 50.000 kr to donate to charity. Set a goal and when you’ve reached it you donate the amount and then you set a new goal with the same amount”.

So why not? It does not take a whole lot and one can donate whichever amount one wants to.

Everything will be documented and I will give an update every Sunday regarding how much I put into an account solely dedicated to the cause.

As of right now this is just a thought, but with your help it can become reality.

Best regards
Kenneth Nguyen

Please go like and help my dream come true:-)
Help Kenneth, so he can help others!

onsdag den 22. februar 2012

Why so serioussshhh!

So WSS finally got their first bike run through Copenhagen. Two bikes packed with used clothing donated by people from facebook. We took the run through the city searching for homeless people. It was quite harder than we thought, but we manage to give most of it away. We found out, that most of the homeless was quite prepared for the winter and what they really need, was just to have a chat.

I think we spend more time talking with them, then actually donating stuff and it was awesome.

This is Thomas and his longtime partner a German shepard, who's name I have forgotten. Thomas spends most of his days, selling the homeless newspaper called Husforbi.
For every Husforbi he sells he earns 8 danish crowns, a paper costs 20 crowns.


During CPH fashion week, one of the runway shows had real homeless people, to walk down the runway. Martin was one of them. I met him and his girlfriend on nørrebro, where they to sold Husforbi. I had a really nice and long talk with him.

A journalist student from the Århus Lene Munk, picked up my project through facebook and came by for a little interview and this is what she wrote:-)

A little something I put together from our bike ride :-)

WSS is definetly not a one thing, we will continue collecting more clohtes, for more info visit our facebook page:

fredag den 17. februar 2012

A moment with my father - unofficial trailer

This is an unofficial bootleg trailer, that I made with my phone, when I was in the film editing studio with Stefan from Bacon Cph. It has Nothing to do with Nokia, Bacon Cph or Michael Noer.

My story was choosen by the director Michael Noer who works with the Nokia Lumia 800 campaign/competition which I participated in. We were given a Nokia phone and asked to capture "everyday-life-moments" for three weeks. Unfortunatly my team didn't win, but my story was the only one picked out for a separate documentary, that will have it's first screening in Copenhagen on the 8th of march.

Be aware that the quality isn't top notch in this unofficial trailer. It was all filmed and dubed through a smart phone. I want the trailer to give a sort of a behind the scene-ish feeling in the editing studio.

tirsdag den 7. februar 2012

Reuniting with my dad through sixteen, 10 second clips

When I first agreed to be part of this Nokia campaign, I never thought that these 3 weeks of "documenting", would include a reunion with my father. I just thought I would film some pranks and do a lot of unserious stuff, but still have some sort of a red thread in them.

But something amazing happened, at least it was for me.

You can read the full story HERE

Making the call


Thinking, wondering, worrying, expecting!

The reunion

Finding out

Goodbye for now, but see you soon

Some of my first clips of random stuff:

søndag den 5. februar 2012

Everybody needs at second chance!

It's about 14 years ago that I last saw my father and 10 years ago that we lost contact to each other... just

…Until yesterday, where I took the train to Odense to meet him.

My parents got divorced when I was three, due to my fathers alcohol and gambling problems. We lost our house in the suburbs because of it and we ended up with a debt that my mother spent years paying off. Their relationship went from bad to even worse, so my mother moved us to a secret location with help from the authorities. I remember very little of our time together with him and what I do remember is negative. I'm surprised that I can remember something from the age of three, but I guess that deep scars take longer to heal.

After some years my mom allowed him to see my siblings and I, but I was the only one who did. I saw him only for a day, about two times a year. I remember we always went to the Rosengård mall, where we practically did the same thing every time: Go to a toy store and then eat at the same place, over and over again. We did that for a few years but after a while it it kinda faded out... I don't remember why, it just did. With some years of no contact, I saw him shortly when I was 14 and then it just died out again, until I was 18 where he took the initiative to call me. I was a teenager and was busy skating and busy with not giving a shit about things... especially him. I felt that I didn't need him in my life and that he could fuck off. I think he felt it, because he stopped calling me.

Ten years passed by without me thinking about him, when about two weeks ago, a friend of mine told me that her father was very sick and didn't have that long to live. She loves him more than anything, so when I told her about my non-existing relationship with my father, she got upset. She said something to me, that made me think.

"Everybody needs a second chance, some need even more"

It made me think: What if he dies and I never got to see, if we could patch things up. I came to understand my friend’s point. There comes a time, where you have to be able to let go of things and forget, so you can forgive!

So I called my cousin the same night, who lives in Odense, where I know my father is still living. I asked him, if he could find some info about my father and if he could get his phone number as well. After some days he called me up and said "I got his number". I hung on to the phone number for some days, building up courage to call him. Think things over and make sure, that I was ready to talk to him and maybe even meet him. Before I called him I asked my cousin if he could go with me, because I wasn't sure if I was strong enough to do this on my own.

I finally pulled myself together and I called him up. He didn't pick up right away and he even slammed the phone on me, but I didn't give up, so I called again. He picked it up and I said:

"Hey dad, it's you're son calling you"

He got excited and screamed to his friends, that it was his son that was on the phone!
Our first phone call went so fast, that I forgot what we talked about!! We called each other back and forth and we agreed that I should go to Odense to see him. I realized I didn't have any pictures of him at all, so obviously I brought my camera with me!

In between of all this Copenhagen Fashion hell, I took a day off and went to Odense!

I learned a whole lot about my father, he was honest and admitted his mistakes and wrong doings to the family. He told me he was ashamed, but what happen happened and there is nothing he can do to correct the past.

My cousin Michael was with me the whole time. Thx cuz, it meant a lot to me!

My father now lives in Vollsmose in a three room apartment with two friends. He sleeps in the livingroom.

He told me upfront, that he still has some demons to fight, like he still can't let go of the bottle. It makes him forget the past, he told me.

I found out that my dad is 58 years old and that I have a grandma in Vietnam who is 101 years old!

I didn't know what to do with him, other than talk and find out more about his life, and what he has been doing all these years. But of course he had some plans and funny how I thought, he wanted us to go to The Rosengård mall to have something to eat... Something we always did when I was little, but I didn't care, at least he had some sort of a plan!

I found out he was 1 out of 8 sisters. I have two uncles living in Vietnam some family in the states and 5 has past away. Thats him on the picture with his sister. He was 8 when that picture was taken. I asked him, if he had any pictures of him and me together, he said yes, but he gave them to my grandma many years ago.

I had to think this through more than ones, if I wanted to share this with you or not. My friends thinks that, I am being to public and personally with this, but I came to a conclusion.

We all have our problems with whatever and many can relate to how it is to grow up in a broken home, or to have a parent or parents who has drinking problems. Problems that affects us throughout most of our lives. Some manage to ignore it and have a great life, some others fall in their parents footsteps and end up with the same problems. I'm lucky to have a strong mother who had good self control and raised me and my sister around those problems. I owe you everything and for the person you have made me become!

Mom I luv you!

(Photo taken by Michael Nguyen edited by me)

Before I said goodbye, he said;

"There are many days when I don't care about my life, having you back
gives me a reason to care again"

Soulland CPH FW 2012