torsdag den 26. april 2012

Through the needle eye!

The mail just got in, I'm through to the next test for The Danish school of journalism and media! Yeah! Now awaits the final test and interview which is gonna happen on the 12th of may! Wish me luck!

mandag den 23. april 2012

Win a Nokia Lumia 800:-)

Do you remember the whole Amazing eveyday campaign By Nokia?

I was competing with my team of 5, against other teams, among those was Euroman, Gammeltoft and etc. Euroman took the 1st prize with most video hits, where we came in 2nd. We were only 3000 hits short from taking 1st place:-(

But I didn't come out empty handed, I met my my father who I hadn't seen or spoken to in fourteen years and I won the prize for the best documentarist. Also my 10 second clips that I filmed with my Nokia Lumia 800, was choosen by Michael Noer to do a short documentary and entitled A short moment with my dad.

In relation with my award I was given a new Nokia Lumia 800, that I could give away in some sort of competition.

So here goes: To enter the competition, you have to upload a video, filmed with a phone. The content is entirely up to you, the lenght of the video can't be no longer than up to 3 minutes long. You will need to have a youtube or a Vimeo account to upload. You may edit the video as you please.

When done, paste the video link in the comment box underneath with full name and email. Remember to tag my name or my blog: Kenneth Nguyen or
and share the competition on your facebook.

The deadline will be in the end of may. I will personally judge the video's and contact the winner, when the winner is found:-)

Break a leg;-)

Win a Nokia Lumia 800
(Denmark only)

Pato, end of tour "Ca. lige her". feat Danni Toma

Just like Specktors, I've been following Pato with or without the camera the last 2-3 years. He's the baws of the bawses and one heck of a nice guy. He just ended his Denmark tour this weekend and he called me up a week before the concert in Copenhagen and asked if I could take some snaps and of course I said yes! I was suppose to be with him and the rest of the gang the whole day, but I had lookbook job earliere the same day, so I couldn't. But All in all, it was a dope concert with a'lot of good vibes!

Once again Martin(Pato), I salute you and congrats on the tour, may there be many more!

Next four pics are shot with a Fuji X10

onsdag den 18. april 2012

Chillin with Specktors

After that school stuff and work at Rezet yesterday, I was totally smashed and tired, But I love to work, so I wasn't done yet. Jon from Specktors called me and asked if I could look by their place and take some shots of them working on their new album entitled "Kadavermarch". They have been working on it the last 15 months-ish and the album is set to release end of may. I've been working with the guys almost since the beginning of their existence and they are so damn cool and sweet and not as evil as they look like. Can't wait to put their album on repeat!

These next three pics was shot with my new compact camera, Fuji X10!