torsdag den 28. april 2011

OPEN! Gourmet for a reasonable price! YUMMY!

This is the first and proberly also the last competition, that I am going to have on my blog. But the reason for why Im doing this, is that I recently visited this gourmet light Restaurant calledOPEN, that one of my friends are a chef at. I did some work for them some time ago and theywere so satisfied, that they invited me and a guest in for a 6 course menu with 6 different wines. I’m more of a fastfood kinda guy, but gotta say I loved what we got served that night!

OPEN goes under the categori Gourmet Light, where the main focus is concentrated on the food. When people think of gourmet, they often think of something fancy and prizy, but that’s not what OPEN is about. Its about not being so stiff, many waiters, many chefs in the kitchen and crazy looking plating. Its all about the food and a good tasty experience for the guest to a reasonable price! Go check out their webpage,

The winner will get a 6 course menu with wine for him/her and a guest!

What I need from you, is a few line about what food means to you and a picture that fits your description. The competition will go on for three weeks, whereafter me and a chef from OPEN, will sit down and go through your answers!

To enter the competition go to their facebook group right here and post a picture with a description!

Looking forward to see what you guys got to say and show:-D

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