onsdag den 24. juni 2009

Sankt Hans Aften

Lasse, levitating!

I took this one today. This old lady was kind of confused, and came up to the park table that my friends and I was sitting at. Asking some questions and then disspear again.


Sankt Hans aften is a tribute for all them womens who, was killed in the 16th hundreds, for being a witch. They get celebrated by burning a doll dressed as a witch.

The last "witch" was burned to death in Denmark, year 1693.

Sorry, for not having any pictures of this danish event. Me and the guys were too late see one in time.

tirsdag den 23. juni 2009


I so have to do a portrait of someone with this place!


Benny from Le-Fix, at their studio

Benny agreed to do some art-work on my Fixie bike. Cant wait to see what he got planned!


Some boy at Sankt Hans plads

Just another random day shooting with Flux's 70-200mm Lens.
These shots wa taken yesterday(22/06)

søndag den 21. juni 2009

My top10 Dj shots!

No. 1 RJD2

No. 2 Jean Von Baden

No. 3 Arol Alkan

No. 4 Tartellet

No. 5 Trentemøller

No. 6 Fredski

No. 7 Dj Schack

No. 8 Åsmund

No. 9 William Klashy Kreutzmann

No. 10 Kjeld Tolstrup

I've been covering alot events feat. amazing Dj's, this last year. Here are my own top ten favourites and memorial captures!
Shot by me of course:-D

Next to come will be top10 concert pictures.
Click for bigger pictures!

onsdag den 17. juni 2009

Bachelor Exam

Its not all about work;-)

Karoline Birkedal Thomsen is one of mine good friends girlfriend.
She is having her Bachelor exam this thursday, and was in need of a photographer, to take pictures of her designs. So my friend called me up, and asked if I would do it. I had totally free hands to do whatever, so Why Not I need the practice, and it turned out A Okay;-)

All the things you see on the model, is designed and made by Karoline(Beside the shoes).
Watch out New York, because she is heading your way!

Click on picture for bigger view

torsdag den 11. juni 2009

NYC 2009

On our way up to Empire State Building

Trump Tower on the far right

Rupert The Deli guy from The Letterman show

Wall Street

Museum of modern art

Public library


Meatpack district

Grand central station

Sub musicians

Brooklyn bridge

Time Square. Even though we only were a hundred meters from Obama, we didnt get to see him:-(

Just came home from a great trip with my girl!
8 days of chillin, alot of walking and a hell lot of shopping;-)

Here are a few selected shots, I took over there.
Click on pics for bigger resolution.

mandag den 8. juni 2009


I wrote ealiere that I would upload some of my old fashion shoots, so here there are.

After my trip to NYC, I have decided to make new series of ten pictures or more.
Its going to need time to put it all in place, with models and etc.

But I can assure you, its going to be some of my best work to date!

FWA Photography

Its a great honor to have been approved by FWA Photography and have one of my pictures on their site.