onsdag den 8. juli 2015

How my work would be with out Wi-Fi

Telia have asked me how important my internet and phone use is to my life and work.

Hmn so how would my photography and my social media work be, if I had no access to Wi-fi and phone service?

Well it would definetly be the same, the reach though on the world wide web would be different. I've been travelling a'lot the last two years and a'lot of it has been because of work that in some way had something to do with Instagram. So for that it wouldn't be working if I didn't have any Wi-Fi connection. Though on my recent trips to NYC and Bangkok I experience that it was okay not to online all the time. I'm not so depended on being on the phone alle the time and asking for Wi-Fi where ever I go. I know if I had unlimited access to Wi-Fi or dataroaming I would definetly be on it more even when travelling. Being of the phone for whole day can be annoying, but it isn't a problem for me not to be online. Though being away from the phone, thats a whole different story. I need to have my phone on me, because it isn't just my only access to the internet, but it is also my calendar, phone book, GPS system, mail and how I reach people. Being with out my phone and internet all together, ss a whole different story!

How would your life be without any phone or internet access for 24 hours?

Anders Breinholt said yes to a similar experiment, where he agreed to be without any internet or phone access. Check it out (Danish viewers only) Video Link