onsdag den 29. april 2009


Today I was on a assignment... Well I guess it was more of a favour, favour for a friend's, friend. I haven't done a'lot of fashion before, and I definetly think that the shoot today could have been way better, if I had more time to plan it, as of finding the right location and etc.

As I wrote, I did some other fashion related stuff earliere. I upload it later for your viewers pleasure only;-)

mandag den 27. april 2009

Jokeren Concert at Store Vega Copenhagen(24th of april)

One of Denmarks biggest rap-figures, Jokeren.

These two shots and more, will be used in the next issue of Dub Cnn.




A few month ago Mads Kjærgaard contacted me to do a press-photoshoot on the lead singer from the danish electro pop band Small, Andreas Asingh. They just got a contract deal with the american/canadian label, Last Gang Records

The theme for this shoot, was to get some clean and plain shots in front of a white layer. Some was done clean and some wasnt.
I always try to shoot pictures, with a bit of story in it. So I took some shots, that could give a viewer a feeling of being "Behind the scene"

Im gonna post the whole serie here, as soon as Im allowed to.


Dj Nam Nam

Another one of my "Make-believe" Pictures.

My cousin Thi needed some press-photos of himself. This is one of them.

Listen to his music here:

fredag den 24. april 2009

Fly away

I love to make these make-believe pictures, escpeacially those, that can put a smile on your faces:-D
I entered a contest on facebook with this one, and took home 1st place:-)

The Subject was: Digital art, before and after.

Carpark North music video "More"

Well scroll down, and get the story behind this shot.


This shot, was made for a childrens science show "Volt" I got this job from a friend I used to work with in a cafe. She called me up one day and asked if I wanted to make some doh for TV2(for you outsiders, Tv2 is a one of Denmark's major tv channels)

Thanks Christina, for giving me this oppertunity!

Press photos of Turkman Souljah

His real name is Lawand Shakur Othman. He is multiple danish champion in turntablelism, he masters various instruments and have played for the Danish Royals with Outlandish.

Lawand and I went to school together back in the days in Sønderborg. Lawand is proberly one of the most humble and consistent guy I know. He lives for his music and the music lives for him.

I did this for him last year. I remember I was pretty sick, but Lawand is such a cool guy, I didnt want to let him down!

He's is at the moment preparing for a world tour with Outlandish.

On tour with Rune RK and Morten Breum

This winter, I was on tour in the french alpes(Val Thorens, Tignes & Les Arces) with DJ Rune Rk and DJ Morten Breum in connection with this club called Dansebaren. It was for 8 days. 8 days with snowboarding, drinking, partying and of course a hell lot of photos.

This was shot in our hotelroom.
Morten is the dude in the back and Rune infront.

The Game interview with DubCnn Mag

I did this for DubCnn magazine last year. I remember backstage, just seconds up to our interview, this girl came up from behind us with her camera. The Game looked at her and said ¨you take that picture and I fuck up your camera¨ Other than that, he was a pretty nice guy and answered whatever PTA asked him.

torsdag den 23. april 2009

My Fixie bike! Much Love!

Here it is! I present you, my Fixie!

Fixie bikes

Fixie bikes are fast becoming a non rare item on the streets. Especially in Copenhagen where bikes is a very common form of transportation.

I have made a small serie of fixie bikes. This fixie portrait is of my good childhood friend, Asser.

I have a fixie bike myself. Im gonna post some pictures of it, as soon as possible!

Ilove stickers

I work part-time in a sneakershop called Ilove, where we got these stickers in spring colors. We have a bunch of them, so I took some and stuck a whole lot of them on my friends face:-D

It turned out pretty good. Just Love how the colors really sticks out from the rest of the photo!

onsdag den 22. april 2009

My first cover!

I took this picture a cold day, last year when my friend Sune invited me in to be the still-photographer on the Carpark North music-video "More"

The pictures was only meant for the bands web-site, until Morten the drummer called me up a few month ago, and asked permission to use the pictures in an interview.

I only thought they would use them inside the mag, so when I saw a copy of it, I was overwhelmed with joy to see one of my pics on the cover!

See the video here!

My first entry

I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and finally I pulled myself together to make it happen.