tirsdag den 16. december 2014

The Royal Danish Ballet

The Royal Danish Ballet is the world’s third oldest ballet company. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, it originates from 1748, and in 1771 the company established the Royal Danish Ballet School which is, as well, among the oldest of its kind.

torsdag den 11. december 2014

Finding Focus By Ford

I'm so damn proud to present you this short Biography that Ford have made of me!

Produced by Bitchslap Magazine and Very Agency, graphics by House of Radon and filmed/edited by NimbTV

Stoked to see two of my favorite channel post it only a day after it's premiere!


LINK for Hypebeast CLICK HERE

torsdag den 4. december 2014

On the Heli-pad with The Children's Cancer fund

Every once a while The Children's Cancer Fund gives me a call about helping them out with some photography and I always say yes. They do an amazing job to give these kids as many good experiences as possible while they are sick or when they stay at Denmark's leading hospital Rigshospitalet and how can I not be a part of that?

Today the kids and I was invited up to the roof of Rigshospitalet which is 20 floors up. Those of us who could, took the stairs and those who couldn't took the elevator. Even though many of these children are very sick, you can't help the big smile on your face! Their energy and positive attitude is a huge inspiration!

Today was a good day!

søndag den 30. november 2014

Forét Cph Look-book by Kenneth Nguyen

Yesterdays work, shooting Forét Cph lookbook!

It's been awhile since I last shot a look-book because I have distanced myself from that part of the business. I haven't felt inspired to shoot clothing/fashion for a while because everything has become so fashionable, commerciel and safe for my taste. So when a new Brand comes out of Copenhagen like Forét Cph and ask me to do a shoot and at the same time have total trust in the way I see photography, I don't hesitate to say yes! Working with companies like Forét Cph, who dare not to go safe, is what makes jobs like this so much more fun to do!  

My back-drop is not in a studio, it's out there and here, the nature and the cityscape is where I feel most comfortable. 

 So funny how much Kristian reminds me of Dan Bilzerian!

Models:  Hannah Sophie Sæthre Schanz & Kristian Gutte Koch