fredag den 29. juni 2012

LTW, a great place with a big heart!

Almost forgot I had these!

See you again next year guys and thanks for bringing it all down with us!

Yup I did get my chest inked and yup it did hurt like a motherf*cker!
Photo by Kasper Enø.

torsdag den 21. juni 2012

Getting my hands dirty!

Guerrilla gardening, in Danish guerrilla gardening is a form of political gardening practiced by environmentalists. They go around the city and plant whatever they feel like, such as parsnip plants, radishes, sunflowers and etc. 

Their mission is to give the grey and urban area of the city some colors and more life...   

Which I did yesterday with my good friend Rixen... Well he did most of the gardening, I just did the shooting;-)

The Cheese guy
I call this dude the cheese guy, because when Rixen and I was at the last spot at Dronninge               Louise's Bridge aka The Hipster bridge, he was laying next to this big chunk of cheese, that looked like somebody had taken a big bite off. Let's hope it wasn't the cheese, that knocked him out on a sunny afternoon:-D


Sneaker Banquet 2012

Most of you guys who know me, knows that I am a bit of a sneaker freaker and that I work in a sneaker store called Rezet store in Copenhagen. It's a place where I work, have an office space and a little tiny photo studio, where I'd shot over 400 people to my Mugshot project.

So last weekend Sneaker Banquet had there annual sneaker flea market, where you could see and buy some of the times most loved sneakers from adidas, Nike, Reebok, Ellese, Asics, Gourmet and etc. 

Of course we at Rezet was there:-)

Originally retro Nike runners, 20 years old with box and in mint condition!

This year's most anticipated sneaker Yeezy 2 by Kanye West!


Filmed & edited by Kenneth Nguyen
Song: ASAP Rocky, Big spender

mandag den 4. juni 2012

Distortion 2012

Distortion is finally over and most of us is back to our everyday life. This year's Distortion, was different for me than it has been the last few years. In association with Rezet Store and the BP guys, we held two events. The first one was downtown Copenhagen and thursday was Nørrebro, which I wasn't really that involved with, other than that I hooked the BP guys up with Shaka Loveless as one of their live performances. So obviously I had very little time to shoot pictures.
I did have one big assignment and that was to shoot the frontpage and 2nd page for Politiken iBYEN. Politiken iBYEN does their print for the friday issue on a wednsday at eight o'clock, which meant I only had 2 hours to shoot page 2 including the frontpage!!! Since Distortion begins at 16 o'clock and I had to deliver the pictures at 18 o'clock, plus I had to edit them before handling them to the editor. So you could proberly imagine the butterflies I had flying around in my stomach;-)

I didn't get to go to any of the afterparties this year, though I really wanted to go the final party, but the day before(friday, Vesterbro) I got assaulted from behind by some drunk assholes on drugs or whatever and received a pretty hard punch to the back of my head, resulting in back and shoulder pains. Since it was a sucker punch I didn't get to prepare myself for the impact and I actually thought I'd had gotten myself a whiplash, when I woke up the day after.
I feel a'lot better today and the assholes who did it, was put down to the ground by the police seconds after they hit me! I don't know what happened to them, but I decided not to press charges and walked away from the incident with no more drama.

So other than no afterparties, being attacked by some idiots, my technical malfunction and a'lot of lost data, you could say this year's Distortion wasn't my best one to remember!

Some data was safely untouched and I did get some pictures out of it. Here are the result of 1 and a half day Distortion! 

Downtown Copenhagen

Nørrebro Copenhagen