fredag den 28. juni 2013

OFWGKTA, Vega Copenhagen

Before heading to Tap1 for the Frank Ocean concert, I swung by Vega to shoot the Odd Future concert for Rapspot. Lucky for me, Odd Future were performing at Vega which is right next to Tap1 where Frank Ocean was playing.

As most of you already know, Odd Future is a hiphop collective with a twist of that good ol' punk rock vibe! Mosh pits, stage diving, and shit like that. I tried to capture that vibe in my pics as well as in the editing, giving it that rough, noizy, and B/W feel. Actually, clean editing and super sharp images has begun to bore me in the sense that most concert pics are starting to look the same to me...And I mean absolutely no disrespect to other photographers, when I say so! But I do mean it ;-)

And oh yeah, both OFWGKTA and Frank Ocean FUCKING KILLED IT (ALL)!

onsdag den 26. juni 2013

Wild for the night, fuck being polite!

I've been trying to hook up with some graffiti artists for a while now, some cats who could take me with them when they go out bombing, but have had no greater success...

Up until some days ago when I got contacted by "N", who had seen my request on the world wide web. He contacted me and said, "Yo I'm going out tonight, down to the subway between Central Station and Nørreport, wanna come?" Hell yeah! I've been doing a lot of urban exploration around Copenhagen lately, so for me to go down there would just top it all off and at the same time be a huge experience!

Equipped with my press card, my gear and dressed in black from top to toe, I was ready to dive in!

I met up with N around midnight. He told me that there wouldn't be that many trains at that time, but we still had to be careful, especially when we were going to drop in!

The first drop was scary! I've never done anything like this! There were cameras everywhere, but if you are careful and patient, there is a way around them. It's all about timing and patience!

"N" was pretty calm and cool, though he told me that when he goes out with the crew he is the one who gets the most paranoid, but the paranoia keeps him on point and safe, so it really only benfits him.

It was very old and beautiful down there, I've never seen anything like it! It kinda reminded me of the scenes from some of my favorite childhood movies; "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". All that was missing was the Foot clan :-D

All of a sudden, while admiring Copenhagen's underground, we were caught by two trains on both sides and had to make a run for it. There are some sharp spotlights down there, so it doesn't take much to see us or our shadows! Go low and up against the walls!

"N" and his crew has a secret spot, even further down than the subway. He told me that the only reason he was going to show me it, was because he knew my work and because he thought that, I was a bit underground! That made me smile and proud at the same time :-D Thx N, I take it as a compliment!

The place was dusty and rusty as hell, we had to be very careful climbing down the ladders! As you can see on the right, that ladder has rusted the fuck up! N told me a few weeks ago, he and his friend were climbing on it and all of a sudden the shit just broke into pieces...with them on it! Luckily, no one got hurt!

This place was dope, you could hear trains above us rambling by, a surreal hallow sound. You could really feel that you were deep down below the city!

When we got up, we had to make a run for it over the rails. The regional trains were about to pass by and they actually had us pinned down for almost 30 minutes. N was lying down on one side and me on the other. I really got nervous at this point and had to take a piss to shake it off.

All of a sudden, while "N" was doing his thing, we heard a loud HONK! We looked far down to one of the stations, that could be spotted from where we were standing, and saw some lights pointing our way!

That was a signal for us to bail, we got the fuck out of there as fast as we could, though I just had to take a picture of that red devil that spotted us! The train stopped right where they saw us, but we got away clean and safe and just dissapeared into the fresh morning air!

What a fucking night! Thx "N" for trusting me, and let's definitely do something like this again!
One love!

Although this was a completely mind blowing experience for me, I really don't encourage anyone to try this on their own. 'Matter of fact, I encourage anyone to stay the fuck out of anything like this, unless you have a guide like mine with you. And even then...

mandag den 17. juni 2013

Instawalk, Ørestaden!

I gotta give Instagram some props because during this past year they have made me go for walks 10 times more often than I used to. Instagram has given me the urge to explore the city that I've been living in for the past 10 years, and documenting it! The Iphoneography culture on Instagram is huge and there is a lot of inspiration to be gotten there! Seeing pictures in new ways and seeing the world through other photographers, and non photographers...It's amazing!

These were taken yesterday with my good friend @instaqasim

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søndag den 16. juni 2013

Breaking free

onsdag den 12. juni 2013

London & NYC seen through the eye of my Iphone

As you already know, I just came home from London and NYC after 18 days of hard work.
Besides taking pictures with my SLR, I also did a lot of Iphonography for my Instagram profile, documenting my trip. So here you go, some of my best work - all shot and edited with my Iphone5.

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Taken the day I left Copenhagen.  
Bispebjerg  graveyard

 Copenhagen Airport


I had to make a pit stop at Copenhagen airport for a few hours before moving on to NYC.

Zürich airport

New York city

For editing on my Iphone, I use Snapseed, VSCOCAM and Afterlight.