mandag den 25. februar 2013

The morning after part 9. Signe


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Sukker Lyn, booklet material

Last week I shot danish rapper Sukker Lyns soon to be released album booklet "Syv.To" and single "Holdt lidt igen". My graphic designer and I was suppose to have a 2 weeks deadline, but all the sudden Sukker called me up and said that the whole thing had been pushed forward. So the deadline went from 2 weeks to 3 days, so yeah we had 3 days to make it happen from that phone call:-)

The look on the booklet is different from the pictures here, so you just have to wait and see, Sukker had some crazy ideas:-D

Btw, that isn't cigaret smoke, but one of those nicotine inhaler machines with strawberry flavour, that everybody been smoking on these days!

His hit single "Jagter Ik Penge"

onsdag den 20. februar 2013

Wrench Monkees, Copenhagen!

It's kinda been a dream for some years now to get a bike with some power a so called "Cafe Racers"! So I've been saving money for awhile. Just some small steps, but I'm getting closer to my dream every month.

Wrench Monkees are known world-wide for their unique style and custom made bikes. They are truely raised with motor oil in their vains and as they put it them selves; "Our company today is a result of passion, not a bussiness plan", and that is something you feel the exact moment you step into the shop!

Yesterday Nikolaj Thaning and I dropped by the shop, to do a short doc on craftsmanship for a school assignment. The guys there were super friendly and told us to feel like home and so we did. I wasn't suppose to do any still, but as ussually I can't help myself:-)

I talked with one of the owners Nicholas, to come by soon and do a little thing with their very cool and stylish clothing brand Wrench Monkees. Nothing official, just for the Euroman Blog:-)

Visit there site right here Wrench Monkees




I will post our short doc as soon as we are done, but it's all in danish... sorry;-)

søndag den 17. februar 2013

The morning after part 8. Christel

As you know this is a growing series, so there will be more to come as soon as I get through all the mails!

Say hi to Christel, a Dj, cup cake queen and much more, a realpower woman with both her legs on the ground and married to one of my good friends, the musician and producer Pato Siebenhaar!

Thank you bro, for letting me shoot your girl without kicking my ass!

Oh and guess what, the sweet brunette I shot for part 7 last week, is Christel's baby sis Jacqueline:-)

See some of the old bedsheets stories here:-)

onsdag den 13. februar 2013

Ivan the polar bear! Copenhagen Zoo. Pt 2

So I've been to the zoo three times within a week. First time I got there 30 minutes before they closed. Second time Ivan didn't wanted to play, so I ended up spending almost 5 hours looking at an empty pool. But as they say, a third time must be the lucky strike, because today he was seeking for attention. I'm not quite satisfied yet, but I'll get back to him as soon as the hype is over, because there was like billion & trillions kids there today.


Yup they feed Ivan with a horses head!