onsdag den 14. marts 2012

Meeting at Vice Mag

I just had a chilled meeting about a possible shoot today at Vice. I liked the office, so I shot it :-D

tirsdag den 6. marts 2012

Who fucked my godson's face up?!

My godson just came home from a photo workshop in Marseille. Two days before returning back to Copenhagen, some fuckers fucked him up so they could take his pocket camera, Canon G11!

I was shocked when I saw him and at the same time super pissed off! Feeling I wanted to bust them assholes a new hole, but what does that make me if I did?

Some people are fucking idiots!

Mugshot portrait

This is how Lasse looks like without the bruisers!

fredag den 2. marts 2012

Skype shoot!

I didn't come up with this idea of shooting people through Skype. About a year ago a friend of mine forwarded me this link to this guy, who had been shooting people all over the world... all of them through Skype. He started out shooting his computer screen, then through a projector pointed at his wall at home and the soon after buildings, trees and etc. There is a whole webpage about his project! As soon as I find it, I will post it right here! Until then, enjoy miss B from Aarhus, who I shot the other day late evening at the office!

Funny things happens, when you are boored;-)