tirsdag den 27. september 2016

Comic Con Copenhagen 2016

Got to experience my first Comic Con here in Copenhagen.
Just a few flicks from the event, I was busy filming for the Vlog!

 Homie Timo creeping up on female Dead Pool

 Homie Lou

 Homie Mario

 Made a new Homie Jan

mandag den 26. september 2016

First time seeing the Kalvebod fog

It's only my second time visiting the Kalvebod Fælled, in search for the fog early morning. First time I went there there was no mist, but we were lucky this time.

I went out with @Alonevibe, @Bobbyanwar, @mr_Babdellahn and @Andreas.raun.

torsdag den 22. september 2016

The morning after part 18 (Rope of Dope edition)

Wow it's been almost three years since I shot the last Bedsheets story, but I've been busy working and had almost no time to do my own projects. So when Casper from @RopeofDope  http://www.ropeofdope.dk/ ask me to do a shoot for him with some new shirts of his, I said yes. His beautiful girlfriend @sorushsakaya stepped in as a model and did a super job. She is a bit more covered the previous ones, but there is a perfect reason for that, which I can't reveal.

I'm thinking of starting up the series again, what do you guys think?