onsdag den 21. oktober 2015

Madrid & Torino

Working with the guys from Juliet Zulu brings me around, but it's not only fun and games, it's work all around and through. Though I had 5 hours off to walk around in Madrid only because our V.I.P had to move our shoot to a different day, so a'lot of the time was spend on rescheduling, book hotels and etc.

 Madrid Airport

 A old man and his niece

 I could make a whole series of old men sitting on benches! #oldmenchillinonbenches!

Bernabeu Stadium

Thank you AVI-8 for the dope watch!

I'm not sure if I will ever get used to work like this. Traveling from city to city without really seeing the city. My job for Puma has been intense. We often arrived late at night and went straight to our hotel to get some sleep, before getting up early in the morning. Don't get me wrong I love shooting these campaigns, it's just ashame you have to experience the city behind a car window.

torsdag den 8. oktober 2015

Florence, Italy

I've just been in Florence working on a project with the guys from Juliet Zulu!

I didn't really get to see Florence but I got to eat a lot of pasta and meat! The photos you see is from the 2 hour time off I had while I was there.

Right as we speak I'm off to Madrid to do another assignment with Juliet Zulu!

Have a great monday people