onsdag den 27. maj 2009

New York city 2007!

View from Rockefeller building



Time Square

The crew I travelled with

Outside Central park

Im leaving Copenhagen this friday for NYC.
I was in NYC 2 years ago, and cant wait to get back. That city had from day one caught my love for it. I took a whole lot of pictures those eight days I was there. And here is a small selection from that trip:-)

New pics from my upcoming trip will of course be uploaded as soon as I get back!

mandag den 25. maj 2009


From left to right: Yogi & RasmusModsat

Brygs & Jacob

My friend Yogi is in this danish hiphop group called Guldgruppen. Its actually only him and this other dude, RasmusModsat.

Yogi wrote me, and asked if I could come by their Vinyl release get together thing at Nørrebro skatepark , and so I did. My time was very little, so I only got to shoot a few.


Klashy (Culture Box)

Klashy is an party crew, that I have helped out with some pics since they had their first party.
These are some selected pics.

For more pics, clilc on Klashy

Raekwon concert(Amager Bio)

With only 50 pre-sale tickets sold, I wasnt expecting a sensationel performance by Raekwon(Wu-Tang).
I came, more because my friend Dj Whut and Madamn Jamise asked if I could come by with my camera. Ohh and PTA provided me with a ticket, so sure thang;-)

mandag den 18. maj 2009

End of Rhodos

Creativity Vs Boredom

The pictures is taken at Vejle trainstation, while I was waiting for the train for Copenhagen.

We flew from Rhodos at 2200 hours and landed in Billund 0100 hours. My sisters family then dropped me off at Vejle Trainstation where I had to sit and wait for nearly 2 hours for my train to come. To make time go by, I did a few shots here and there.

At 0630 hours I was finally home!
Great to be back in Copenhagen!!!

onsdag den 13. maj 2009

More Rhodos Pictures

The whole crew

mandag den 11. maj 2009

Rhodos(Day 1)

My 9 month old nephw Noél

Marcel, my sisters friends little son! Coolest kid ever!

Marcel and my 3 year old Niece, Emily. Its actually pretty hard to get two kids jump, at the same time!

On our way up to get change to the pool!

Marcel and father, Simon


The view from my hotel room.

So Im off to Rhodos. Im usually not up for charter-trips, because it aint nothing but fat Brits, Germens & Scandinavians.
But my mom asked not so long ago, if I would like to come with her, and my sister's family and there friends. To begin with I was like... Nah no thank you, but my mom insisted, and yeah she wanted to give me the trip. So why the hell not?

Until now, it has'nt been anything special. We been cruisin around the area that we live nearby, and been at the pool all day long, looking at fat people. All the shooting I did today was of the little kids, that are with us. They've grown a'lot since I saw em last time. I guess its been 9 month ago!?
My family in a totally different part of the Denmark where I live. But I guess that not an excuse:-D

torsdag den 7. maj 2009

Devin The Dude

I missed last time, Devin The Dude was in Copenhagen, and when I heard he was playing at Rust, there was no way in hell I was going to miss this one aswell.

Yet again, up-infront at the stage equipped with my camera. Rust, Heat was packed with people, making it pretty tight upfront. But I think I got some descent shots.
Here or some selected.

See the full serie here:

onsdag den 6. maj 2009

Shana Mathai

Yesterday was a bit busy for me. Besides shooting pictures of my cousin, I had a little project of my own...

For not so long ago, I discovered that one of my very good friend, Ljufur's girlfriend, could sing. Well I did know she could sing, but I had never heard her sing before until reasonetly.
I was blown away, when I heard her voice. She reminds me of Erykah Baduu, but with a big touch of her own self!
So I thought, why not make a mini portrait of her!

She has a myspace, but there is only two songs on it. Tjeck it out!