fredag den 17. maj 2013

Upper East and West Manhattan, New York

I was supposed to work in Harlem yesterday, but I never made it there. Instead I ended up working in Upper East and West Manhattan and actually I'm pretty happy about that, because I got to meet and photograph this guy: None other than The New York Times's legendary street fashion style photographer Bill Cunningham!

I first heard about Mr Cunningham about two years ago, when some of my friends recommended a documentary about this old guy who had been doing street style photography for years. I was instantly sold and what a feel-good documentary it was!

If you haven't seen the documentary about Bill Cunningham you are missing out, so do yourself that favour :-)

I was just walking up Madison Avenue in Manhattan, when I saw this group of people taking shots of these models posing in front of a shop, when I spotted Bill Cunningham. I couldn't believe my own eyes, so I rushed down there, just seconds before he turned his bike around and left. I only got to snap a picture of him once...lucky for me I just hit it with one shot!

One more thing that almost made me break my neck, was this adorable dog "Manny", who had to have her upper jaw removed because of cancer!

I really love the subways of New York! It makes your life easier to move around and there is almost always some sort of live entertainment!

torsdag den 16. maj 2013

Midtown, New York!

I'm not a big fan of midtown, not in Copenhagen and not here either. Too many people and too many tourists with a camera like me;-) Don't get me wrong, it is pretty cool on Time Square, the big screens and commerciel signs, yellow cabs and etc. its looks great. I've been to NYC three times before and now I just want to see something else. So after two days of work there, I'm ready to move to my next location, which is Harlem!

tirsdag den 14. maj 2013

Brooklyn, New York

3rd day in New York and today I worked in Brooklyn! I think I might have walked close to 20-30 km today and yeah I'm not bullshitting! My assignment here and in London was to shoot for this danish travel search engine They are making a new app for smartphones and Apple's Ipad, so they need fresh pics for their guide. There were six cities to choose from and lucky me I got London and New York! I have to visit around 175 places in each city and since you saw my pictures from London earlier last week, you know I'm done there.

I really miss my bike, it would do the job much easier since it is complicated to take the bus or subway, when I have to visit all these places. The job isn't that awesome, but I get to see the city in such a massive way, that I think when I'm done, I've proberly seen more of NYC than most New Yorkers have;-) The locations are typical tourist travel guide, shopping, sightseeing, restaurants, nightlife and etc. but you know what, I shouldn't complain, they pay me to travel and shoot pictures:-D

Good morning and good night Copenhagen/NYC!

Subway love

Bed and breakfast

Yoga in McCarren park

Agent B

Tic Tac Toe

Just like in the movies

Panic in Brooklyn


Gabby the crazy jamaican