mandag den 16. december 2013

Help me donate 100.000 kr(13.000 euros) to Children's cancer association!

My third photo are now up for you to Like/tweet, if you support my case against childrens cancer!

From the very beginning when I said yes to be a part of the Nokia campaign where I can win 100.000 to donate to a charity fund, I wanted to know more than what you just can read in a promotional flyer.So today I visited children's cancer department at Riget Hospital to get a bit closer to the reality of it. It was exciting, teaching and at the same time very frightening.
However, it was amazing to see the little children and young people who had so much happiness and quality of life despite of their illness. The disease is not only tedious, life-threatening, but it also isolates them from the childhood and the youth that they deserve!
Many of the
young people who have spend years in treatment has trouble getting back to the social life when they are cured and discharged from the hospital.

Help me donate 100.000 kr to Childrens cancer fund
Here is a link that should help you if you are having trouble seeing the page with your smartphone.

I'm currently in second so I really need your help:-)


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