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Exploring Marche, Italy with @Igersmache @exploringmarche Part 1

Two weeks ago I got invited to the Marche( pronounce Marké) region by @Igersmarche @Exlporingmarche. This is my first official Igers  invitation and I'm still psyched how much the Instagram world has given me so far! I've have only been using Instagram for a little bit over a year and I'm hooked! I have been inspired so much by the users way of seeing the world and my view on photography has also changed in so many ways.... in better ways.

The 18th of Dec
So we final arrived to our hotel room after a fantastic late dinner at Tavernetta sull'Aia(small tavern). Lots of authentic Italian food and wine. I'm so perfectly stuffed! Before bed, I'll have to start writing on my manuscript for a music video that I just got chosen to direct. It's all very new and very exciting. I feel so honored and I can promise you that it's gonna be awesome and way different than we are use to see here in Copenhagen! Goodnight

19th of D
Our first sunrise in Senigallia. This view was right in front of my apartment and we woke up at 06:30 am for this!

 @Halfgirl doing her thing!

The markets downtown Senigallia was awesome. Everything is like taken out of a God father movie! The elderly here are so nice and their style in clothing is very cool! Very authentic atmosphere with food an clothing markets all around the center of Senigallia.
Elderly people in groups hanging out in the streets and squares, properly discussing world problems ;-)


This Doberman scared the shit out me, when it came out nowhere and tried to eat me!



Selfie @Kennethnguyen

@Bobbyanwar & @Halfgirl

Grotte de frassasi(big fucking cave) has so far been the best experience!
The cave is huge and was discovered in 1971! Everything in there is so fucking big and massive and because we have nothing to compare it to, it's impossible to tell, how big and tall the Stalagmites really are!

The highest point in the cave is 130 meters high.

A big fat thank you to our cave guide Kelly and the rest of the staff, who  opened the cave so only we/5 instagrammers could take photos of it. What a unique experience this was! 


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