søndag den 10. november 2013

Going pheasant hunting

I'm far from being a vegetarian and have always been this way. When I was little, it was a struggle for my mom to get me to eat veggies. I still don't eat them, though I do try to sometimes, but I just can't get it down:-)

Yesterday I went pheasant hunting with my DPN brother Kasper. Most of us just go to the supermarket and buy what we need, pretty simple, easy and civilized. I wanted to experience the killing first hand - the slaughter, the prepping and the preparing of the dinner. It was a good experience for me to put 'a face on the meat that I eat'. 

I had the the worst discussion, with properly the most narrow minded vegetarian in the world about hunting. If you don't have any constructive to say or willing to take a proper debate on this subject, then please don't waste my time by being a complete asshole!

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