onsdag den 8. maj 2013

I'm still loving London

I love fixing things

I love burritos

I love doing stuff I'm not suppose to do

I love to see others share the same passion as I do

I love when kids are curious 

I love being a tourist

I love looking into the nothingness and dream myself away

I love  when we share things with each other

I love the color red

 I love bumper stickers

I love beliebers

I love John and his dog

I love fluffy things

I love connecting with people

I love sharing moments like this

I love shiny suits

I love my crew

I love animals

I love big butts

I love wearing shorts

I love being the man

I love when you are being honest

I love R2D2

I love when people pose for me

I love when kids ask me if my tattoos can be washed off

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Kamilla sagde ...

Fantastisk serie K!! Jeg syntes virkelig du fanger london godt!!! Så flot lavet