søndag den 12. maj 2013

I'm jetlagged in NYC

So I'm NYC until the 21 of may and been here for two days already! My flight to NYC took a little over 24 hours. I had to fly back to Copenhagen from London and wait there for 5 hours before leaving to Zürich and then to my final destination in Newark, New Jersey. But I made it safe and sound and after two nights here, I'm still battered by the jetlag. I have been trying to stay up late both nights, drinking beers and partying with friends, but I still can't get my sleep. I must have slept 12-14 hours total the last 3 days!

Pictures from yesterday, where I worked in the SoHo area. Btw a monsoon came pouring down on us out of nowhere!

Next area to work in, is Brooklyn

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