søndag den 14. april 2013

Sleepless in Copenhagen

Danish time 10:41am

So it's almost 24 hours ago since I sleept. Yesterday was a hard and loooong day... and it still is I guess, since I'm still awake.

I started the day by shooting an ad for Le-Fix clothing collab with The legendary racer biker, Brian Holm. I wish I could say more, but I'll have to wait with that one:-)

After the shoot I went to do a 10 hours waitering/bartender shift at Fortunen. We were so damn busy I don't think I stood still more than 10 minutes all night. My mood was kinda weird all day between work, I got 'lot of things going on in my head lately...busy busy!

What helps me get my mind off things is to take a long ride on my bike, Plug in my Skull Candy earplugs, listen to some good music and go around the city of Copenhagen and enjoy it! So with me heading towards home, dead tired and at the same time so restless, I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep when I got home.

So I stayed awake;-)

Goodnight and good morning!

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