mandag den 29. april 2013

Roller Derby

This is the first time I've ever seen Roller Derby live. I've only knew a little from the sport through american movies and culture! Back in the days Roller Derby in america was a bit like the answer to the men's rugby. It was also more violent back then where you could use your elbow to knock down an enemy. Today it is only allowed to use your hip and shoulder, though it is still pretty hardcore, I wouldn't fuck around with these girls! Pretty sure they could beat my ass to the ground;-)

It was fun to watch and experience and I'm definetly gonna watch it again and I'm gonna bring friends next time!

Did you know that you by any means, can not photograph a rider,when injured? It is stricktly forbidden! Not on the track nor on the sidelines when getting treated? I saw 2 riders getting wrapped up that day and I got in trouble for even having my camera around my neck and pointing their way. I was guided to hold my lense away from their directions.

Let the games begin!

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