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SPECKTORS, Roskilde festival 2012

This must be my biggest photo post on the blog and why should I limit myself, when there is so much to show and tell? Monkeys follow rules, humans bend it!

I've been shooting Specktors concerts almost from their first time on stage. I think the first time I saw/shot/heard them was at Distortion 3 years ago, at one of Distortions afterparties. Since then I've been shooting this and that for the guys. I'd even shot Martin and his wife's wedding at city hall last summer:-)

Last time I met up with them, was in Nicholas Kawamura home, where they do their studio recordings. I did some behind the scene and press pics for their upcoming and now released album, Kadavermarch.
Already back then Jon asked me, if I would like to join them at Roskilde Festival, where they were going to perform at their biggest concert yet, at the Cosmopol stage. How could I not say yes to this!?


The silence before the storm

I met up with the guys behind the Cosmopol stage around 23:00hr, 4 hours before they were gonna perform. At the time, everybody seemed calm, but as we were getting closer, the boys were getting a bit  nervous and had butterflies and were jumping around, trying to shake it off. Even I, their manager, girlfriends and wifes could feel it. 

But all that dissapeared as soon as Pelle put on the sound of Luftalarm! The crowd wen't wild all the way back and beyond Cosmopol's outer rings! Cosmopol was surely killed that night from 03 to 04:00 and what a blodbad/carnage it was!

 Sillas from Turboweekend

 My kiddoo Lasse Kofod, was there to for Bitchslap Mag



 The concert

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