onsdag den 26. oktober 2011

Faded tears

Love & sorrow goes hand in hand. We have all been through the gate of pain or we will at one point. Either we lost someone by the hands of death or we lost someone that we love, because things just didn't turned out the way we thought it would. A boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife and etc. It's never easy and the feeling of being abandoned is hard, just like it is harder to fall out of love than to fall into it. Its been exactly a year ago, since I walked through that gate and sometimes I do go back unwillingly. Though it is easier for me now to ignore those feelings and put the past away whenever it decides to drop by. But I'll try not to put them too far away, so I don't forget how it feels. I'll keep it to remind me to be careful and not to get hurt again...

Johnom is one of my very good friends, who has felt the sorrow. He lost his unborn child at the age of 17, but has been blessed with 2 kids and another one on the way. He is one of the most dedicated fathers I've ever met. It's not always easy, but who said it would be. On his 26th birthday, 17th of october this year, he got a seperation, that took a great beating on him. It can be hard to see and relate what he is going through. That's why I asked him to come by the studio, I wanted to capture his state of mind.

Thank you Johnom

"When good things come to an end, be sure a new moment is near to begin."

2 kommentarer:

gb/fonzi74 sagde ...

Nice work, hombre! Well conveyed..

Kammy sagde ...

VIrkelig smukt Kenneth :) Dejligt at se noget så hudløst og ærligt, og virkelig flot af din ven at han tør vise en side af sig selv som er så sårbar!