lørdag den 15. oktober 2011

What The Mugshot series has become!

As some of you know, my Mugshot project didn't stop at a 100 portraits. I'm currently at 243 portraits as you can see on my website.

Many have asked me, whats the purpose with my Mugshots. In the beginning I didn't have one, but now I do.

The project has evolved from nothing to much more than I ever imagined.
I've had the pleasure of meeting more than 300 people in a short period of time and skateboard legend Tom Penny also dropped by. I'm also meeting with former model Malkit to arrange for him to bring some of his boys in for a Mugshot. Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen from the party Enhedslisten will also come by one of these days to join the Mugshot collection.

My goal is a 1000 portraits within the end of 2011. When that is reached, the idea is to put all 1000 portraits together so they will form a whole picture. What it's gonna be, you can only wait and see, but the plan is to place it on a big wall somewhere in Copenhagen.

I'm starting to notice some Mugshot copycats pop up here and there, but with a different style. I'm very glad to see that my work actually inspires others... Thank you for that!

3 kommentarer:

Art Warriors sagde ...

As you can see, you are not only inspiring photographers...


Congratulations again for your awesome work, can't wait to see more of the portraits!

Anonym sagde ...

Do you make contact yourself to the people you shoot for the mugshots?

K-Nguyen sagde ...

Some I do, but mostly people contact me through facebook and my private mail. Most of them, I have never met before.