torsdag den 5. maj 2011

Raphael Saadiq & Quadron! One hot night at Vega!

Last night was amazing! Raphael Saadiq were in town and with him to warm up for us, was the danish band Quadron! Vega was steaming hot and so was Raphael! It was my ex who introduced me to his music some 3-4 years ago, and from that day I've been in love with his music! He surely do know how to perform and take us back in time!

As allways photographers are only allowed to shoot the first three songs, to heck with that, just more time for me to shake them old bones;-) I had made a request with Soulkitchen(The ones who booked Raphael) if possible, I would love to shoot some quick portraits of Raphael. They couldn't promise me anything, but they would love to ask him.

Hehe it was kinda funny how I got to shoot Raphael backstage. When I was lead into the backstage area, I was told not to speak to him unless I was spoken to, and under any circumstances, DO NOT touch him. So as I sad there waiting, his manager came up to me and said: "So you wanna take some pictures? I don't think he is gonna say yes, but I can ask." After like 2 minutes Raphael came over to the table where I was sitting with some of the other bandmembers and poked me on my shoulder: "Whats up, you wanna take some pictures?" and I replied: "I would love to sir. Thinking that he already had said yes, but then he told me he was to much in chill mode and out of outfit and as I could see, in Helly Hansen gear from top to toe. I was like, "Ohhh Helly Hansen I've got a jacket of that brand to and its danish(Just got told its actually norwegian). Somehow that flipped his descision and he agreed to pose for me for 20 seconds, so I snapped as much as I could!

Raphael Saadiq, backstage rocking Helly Hansen gear!

The first time I ever heard about Quadron, was when the were warming up for Mos Def some years ago... I think?! I instantly was caught by their sound and especially the leadsinger Coco's voice! The have been touring with Raphael Saadiq and are continuing for the next many concerts! If you don't know them go on youtube and find them, I promise you, you will love them!

7 kommentarer:

pato sagde ...

Pis, nu havde jeg ellers lige glædet mig. Kan du så komme igang!

Det Godt Nok sagde ...

Glæder mig til at se billederne. Det var en fantastisk koncert!

K-Nguyen sagde ...

Hehe, havde lidt svært ved at komme ud af sengen idag. Men det lykkedes mig, så enjoy :-D

Anonym sagde ...

Helly Hansen er så norsk, men ellers godt tænkt!

K-Nguyen sagde ...

hehe ja det fandt jeg lige ud af på Wiki, men alle tricks gælder vel også selvom det ikke har være med vilje;-)

SÒLEY sagde ... det så din jakke han har på...eller ?

Manish sagde ...

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