lørdag den 26. marts 2011

Going to church with Mike Sheridan!

I spent a whole day with Mike Sheridan a few weeks ago . He was playing in Brorsons Church, and had invited people in for a real musical treat. I went out to Mike's house around 4 o'clock, where Mike was working on his set and was really exited about it. The more I listened to it, the more I couldn't wait. His plan for the night, was to play on "real" machines and give the viewers/listeners a moment of total enjoyment and daydreaming.

Adidas All In
A'lot of things have change for me since october and at one point, I kinda felt lost in my own mind. Everything about photography became more work for me than joy, I moved out of my old apartment, that I shared with someone very special to me. All the sudden I felt, all I had was photography. I thought, I had lost a piece of myself and couldn't keep my focus on it anymore.
I'd even considered to put my camera on the shelf for awhile, just so I wouldn't loose my passion for it. I talked with some good friends about how I felt and they were very supportive and told me not to. Maybe what I needed was to get away from Copenhagen and get a new perspective on things. Just go and experience something totally new and forget those things, that are not needed to be remembered. They were right, after I came home from Hong Kong, I've found back my taste, passion and got my bag filled with some new inspiration. All I needed was to ignore the few negative things and focus on all the positive, that was there all along.

Whatever makes you fall, makes you stronger!!
My Passion for Photography, have never been bigger than it is now!!

Adidas contacted me last week and asked me to come in for a meeting. I've worked with them before and have a really good relationship to them. But What I thought were going to be another photojob, I was wrong. Some of you might have heard about the new campaign, that Adidas are launching, called Adidas All In. It is going to be a big fusion mixed with sport, music, art and fashion, all put into one brand. People like Lionel Messi, Caroline Wozniacki, Katy Perry, Jeremy Scott and B.O.B and etc, are one of those faces who are going to represent Adidas All In, on a global plan. So as we speak, Adidas Denmark are preparing on a local launch here in Denmark, with 10 ambassadors who all have that one thing in common, which is great passion in what they love to do. So I am very glad and proud to announce, that I am one of those faces in Denmark, who are going to be a part of Adidas's new campaign!
With me on my side, are Stanley Most the grime musician, Copenhagen’s miss everything Maria Schlüter, professional soccer player Nicki Bille Nielsen, musicians Kenton/Slash demon, Adidas team-skater Laurent Hervé Gehin and more.

Have a great saturday night peeps
tonight we will celebrate our passion
that keeps us doing what
we love the most!!

And don't forget

Good things comes to those who expect it!

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tillykke med adidas.. det er da en kompliment!
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