mandag den 21. marts 2011

Efterklang, end of tour!

The first time I've ever heard Efterklang(emembrance), was back in 2007. I was introduced to the music By the leadsinger's littlebrother Lasse who asked me to come to their 2nd album released in Copenhagen, Nørrebro. I was instantly touched by their music and have been a big fan of them ever since. Their music goes under the category, indie rock and they have released 3 studio albums. Tripper 2004, Parades 2007 and Magic Chairs 2010. The album Magic Chairs, won the IMPALA's European Independent Album of the Year on February 28.

They recently collaborated with the french filmmaker Vincent Moon, to do a short movie, which was packed with performances, experiments and collaborations.
The movie "An Island" premiered February 1st 2011 around the world through what the band and director called Private-Public Screenings. Anyone could host a Private-Public Screening and the rules were very simple. The screening needed to be public, have a minimum capacity of 5 people and free entrance. I had my own screening with around 15 people in my apartment. It was tight, but worth the while!

After the screening, Lasse told me that Efterklang were having their "last" concert in Copenhagen on the 18th of march, before they start working on their 4th album. Since I've never really heard them live before, I thought to myself I definetly had to go this one. So the days before, I planned that I was going there without my camera, but as always I knew I would proberly regret it. So I wrote to the guys and asked if they would mind having a photographer follow them during the soundcheck and concert?! They answered right away and said: You are welcome:-D

Soundcheck with Efterklang

The concert

I only got one word to say about the concert:

Thanks guys, your music has helped me through hard times and gave me a'lot of joy, when I needed it the most!

Modern Drift by Efterklang from Rumraket on Vimeo.

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Linda Pochinda sagde ...

det er nogle virkelig fede billeder! misundelse! :)

Anonym sagde ...

I love the pictures, congratz!
~ Lucia

Anonym sagde ...

really beautiful photos

Dennis sagde ...

Great shots! :-)