mandag den 11. maj 2009

Rhodos(Day 1)

My 9 month old nephw Noél

Marcel, my sisters friends little son! Coolest kid ever!

Marcel and my 3 year old Niece, Emily. Its actually pretty hard to get two kids jump, at the same time!

On our way up to get change to the pool!

Marcel and father, Simon


The view from my hotel room.

So Im off to Rhodos. Im usually not up for charter-trips, because it aint nothing but fat Brits, Germens & Scandinavians.
But my mom asked not so long ago, if I would like to come with her, and my sister's family and there friends. To begin with I was like... Nah no thank you, but my mom insisted, and yeah she wanted to give me the trip. So why the hell not?

Until now, it has'nt been anything special. We been cruisin around the area that we live nearby, and been at the pool all day long, looking at fat people. All the shooting I did today was of the little kids, that are with us. They've grown a'lot since I saw em last time. I guess its been 9 month ago!?
My family in a totally different part of the Denmark where I live. But I guess that not an excuse:-D

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