onsdag den 3. januar 2018

Airsoft nerds level 100

Yesterday I brought in some friends from my airsoft community or team if you might call it.
I've only known these guys for a year or two besides Thanh of course.

I've never shot anything airsoft related other then my airsoft videos on youtube, so I thought it might be fun to give some of my fellow airsofters a chance to get some proper pictures of themselves in their airsoft gear.

We thought we go with the Call of Duty theme with a black background like in the game before you start by picking a operator that you wish to play with.

I also made a Vlog out of it, but it's only for Danish viewers.

Our team(Which isn't a real team, we just have it for fun) consists of a lot of players where most of us have met through playing airsoft. This is just a small handfull of players in our "team".






Jakob is not on the team but got in on the shoot on a wildcard ;-)

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