lørdag den 11. marts 2017

DANISH LEGEND - Bang & Olufsen - Beosound 1

I've always been a fan of danish design, not only because I am Danish by heart, but because of the clean style that most danish innovation design has.

So when I was approach by B&O to create some social content I didn't hesitate to say no. Ive been working with Beoplay for quite some time now and I've also just received the new headphones the H4. I love everything that comes out of them. Not only is the design awesome, but the sound is really good. Don't let me forget about the bluetooth function that gives you the freedom of no wires. You might say, well how about the battery time? Well don't worry too much about that, I can easily go a week without recharging it, but of course it depends on how much music and how loud you like to listen to your tunes.

I'm addicted to the Beoplay headphones. In my collection I've got the H7, H8 and the new H4, each one I have special use.

Like the headphones, there are no buttons on the Beosound 1. You play the music and change tracks by swipping or tapping. Also you can charge the Beosound 1 so you can be free of the power cables and place any place in your house hold or even outside..

The speakers has a build-in battery which allows you to easily move them around, like on your rooftop or balcony, all you have to worry about is having you playlist ready.

The freedom of no power cables makes it easy to find places that makes the Beosound blend in with your home

 The Beosound comes in two colorways.

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