torsdag den 7. juli 2016

Fell in love with Tokyo

Since the beginning of 2016 I have travelled somewhere that can be measured in distance to be a trip around the world... twice.
It's been a very busy year so far and we are only half way through 2016. 

Tokyo and Japan has been on my to-go list for years, but I never had the time or the money for it because of other projects. So in May it finally happened and it was work related, which couldn't be better... Everything was paid for and I even got paid to do what I love the most, photograhy. Though I didn't get to explore as much as I wanted to because of work and we were only there for a week, I got to fall in love with Tokyo, the people, food and of course the culture. If I didn't have work I was committed to at home, I would definetly have stayed for two more weeks!

Next time, maybe soon?!

 If you wanna go shopping go to Harejuku! Everything you need is right in that area!

 Always full of people everywhere

 We went to all different part of the city to work with our talents.

This is not a rare sight in Japan after night fall. You see sleeping Japanese people everywhere after a hot night of sake with their bosses.

 A little break from work

Cab drivers
I don't know why, but I had a thing with photographing cab drivers! 

The MC guy
 At one of the locations with one of the cases we were interrupted by this loud motorcycle noise and we had to stop filming. I went outside to check out what it was and right next door to shop that we were filming in was a garage. I peep in and all I saw was all these beautiful machines motorcyclesbetter... I don't believe I've ever seen such a great private collection of Mc's. The thing about Japanese folks is that they are super polite and welcoming. The owner of the bikes invited me in, he was on his way out. He didn't know a single word of english, but we manage to talk with hand gestures and yeah, it wasn't hard for him to see that I wanted to take photos of him with my camera in my hand. I never got his name, I even tried to google the name on his jacket, but with no results.

Grilled Cheese
This place kinda gave me th NYC vibe I've been missing in 2016, Hopefully I'll get back again before 2017!

 [Product placement]

There is just something about Japanese people that makes them a bit cooler than most people.
Besides being super polite and sometimes go overboard on their style, they are just so stylish in their appearance!

 Our driver.. Forgot his name:-S

Mayumi our translator

 And old part in the middle of a modern city

 A classic Shibuya scene

Wow these places are so noisy!

See you soon Japan!

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