mandag den 23. maj 2016

To Columbia with Netflix!

A call from Netflix and a couple of weeks later I was on the plane to Bogota to be on the set of Narcos.

What can I say? It was a experience of a lifetime!

Unfortunatly I can't say or reveal anything about the release dates for the second season. 


Unfortunatly we didn't have that much time to explore, but we got to meet all the main actors, which was super awesome.

We had less than 5 minutes with each actor, which for me was horrible to work with, but I think I still manage to get a few good shots out of it.

Wagner Moura aka Pablo Escobar

Boyd Holbrook aka Agent Murphy

Pedro Pascal aka Javier Peña

Wanna thank everyone who was on board this trip and of course a big up to the kind people of Netflix!

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