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In Iceland with 66°NORTH

Nikolaj Thaning and I working close with the Icelandic outdoor brand 66°NORTH.
This trip to Iceland is only the beginning and we are looking forward to reveal more, when all the details is settled!


66°NORTH was founded in 1926 by Hans Kristjánsson with the purpose of making protective clothing for Icelandic fishermen and workers braving the North Atlantic elements. Hans Kristjansson lived in Suðureyri in Súgandafjörður in Westfjords of Iceland where weather conditions were very harsh and right clothing was therefore a matter of life and death for Icelandic fishermen. Hans was passionate about creating garments that would hold up to the harsh conditions fishermen faced while trolling the seas of Iceland so he moved to Norway to learn how to tailor and sew fishermen‘s clothing. When Hans moved back to Suðureyri he founded Sjóklæðagerð Íslands (Fishermen‘s clothing factory of Iceland) now better known as 66°NORTH. 66°NORTH derives its name from the latitudinal line of the Arctic Circle which touches Súgandafjörður where the company was founded in 1926.

Going to Westfjords
With Fannar and Tommi

I can't count how many times we had to make a sudden stop, so we could go out and shoot. Iceland is a photographers paradise!

Hotel Djupavik
This is only the second time I get to see the Northen light and on that night, it was more beatiful than I have ever seen it before. Not only was it very visual, it was also multi-colore.

The Milky-way was also there to give us a show

They say that Hotel Djupavik in Westfjords, is the ideal place to see the Northen light! I can highly recommend you take the trip up here and stay for the night just for the Northen light, but make sure you know it's gonna be a clear sky before you go!

The only sunset I got up to

Visiting one of Iceland's oldest fishing factory in Djupavik (Located next to the hotel)

This was an old fish oil tank

Tommi from 66North took us to his hometown in the Westfjords, where he told us about his amazing but also very tragic story.

When Tommi was 11 years old an avalanche nearly took out his whole home town. He survived the avalance by having his closet falling on top of him. He was trapped for 24 hours before the rescue team found him. 1/4 of the city was wiped out. His childhood house is the only house not re-build, to remind them of the tragedy. Two people, a girl and her mother was in the room next to him... they didn't survive. On Tommi's portrait you can see the mountain where the avalance came from.

 When nobody else wants to go to the edge, I have to do it myself

Fannar from 66North

Infinity roads
One of the many things that I love about Iceland is the many infinity roads, that seems to never end!




After Westfjords, Fannar and Tommi had to go back to work, so they gave us the rest of the week to ourselves!

Nikolaj and I took the long way to the south-east of Iceland by taken a detour through the highland.
It was amazing!

Walking on an in-active volcano

Vik, Black sands

Glacier hiking
With Local guide
We climbed 300 meters(76 floors) above sea level and found this Ice tunnel in a glacier mountain. 
We were hoping for some Ice caves, but at this time of the year, it is just not safe for us to go in.

Nikolaj enjoying the view

Svartifoss, The black waterfall



Love this girl and her husband, who were having fun shooting at the famous crash site, close to Vik the Black beach. No selfie stick was involved!


The greatness of the almighty Skogafoss

This is definetly me when I get old!.. Without the epic facial hair though, Asians can't grow facial her :-(

Photo of me by Nikolaj Thaning

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