søndag den 16. november 2014

Back to Iceland with WOW air

Iceland is one of my favourite destination in the world, next to NYC. It's my third time here and thanks to WOW air yet again for bringing me here to this amazing place.

WOW air flew Matias and I to Iceland to shoot a Instagram campaign, but not only for our Instagram accounts, but also for their inflight magazine. Like most Instagram campaigns, companies invite groups of people to visit, but this time we were only us two going. They rented a jeep through www.Redcar.is  and hooked us up with the lovely people at Kex Hostel. We had 100% free hands to do whatever we want to... and you just gotta love a company, when they have total trust in what you do. It makes your job easier and a hell of a lot more fun!

Not only did I have a great trip to Iceland, but I also gained a new friend and a travelling buddy. As it seems for now, Matias and I will be doing a lot more travelling together in association with WOW air, who gave us a offer we couldn't say no to! THX for being so cool and wow, WOW air!

I have never seen the Northern light before and on our day of arrival the weather forecast told us that we had a clear sky, but only a 2-3 strenght on the 0-9 Northern light scale!

This is one thing you just have to put on your to do list!

When I first came to Iceland I always wanted to photograph this crashed US navy airplane that crashlanded back in 1974. I've never did any big investigation about it where abouts, I only knew it was down in the south of Iceland on the Black beach of Vik. I never found it, until now.

These beautiful infinity roads are everywhere here on Iceland. They all have a view to die for and the color they have are sometimes just mindblowing!

A meta moment of Matias shooting me shooting him. Again Thx to Redcar.is for the jeep!

The icelandic horse are pretty cute and funny. I kinda consider them of as the clown of horses:-D

Don't ever step on the ice, unless you are prepared to freeze your ass off if you go through!

A big shout out to the guys at Le-Fix for hooking us up with some dope cloth. (Self-timer shot)

You understand why Hollywood do so many films here! The view is Majestic!

Matias trying to fit another car into the container!

We drove 4 hours to do one shot of this place!

My own bat cave at Vik beach also known as the black beach.

Alien Mothership disguised as a cloud

One of Iceland's hidden gem is this heated pool, located somewhere on the southside deep in a valley at the footbed of a volcano! We had to do some research to find this amazing place.

"Bang bang I shot him down".

I've seen Skogafoss a numerous times, but this was my first time to see it in full sun light and blue skies! Truely amazing as always, no matter what weather condition you see it in!

We took a few trips out here, to do some more shots of the plane.

Another thank you shot to Le-Fix!

Don't hesitate just do it, buy the tickets and go!!

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