onsdag den 8. januar 2014

Involuntary portraits of the Royal guard

Today I swunged by Amalienborg Castle to do some snaps for my Instagram, but instead I ended up doing portraits of the Royal guard with my DSLR. It was quite funny to see how these young men reacted when I pulled out my camera and stuck it up into their faces:-D
Some tried not to smile, some others looked away and some looked like they we're thinking: "Yeezus another asian tourist with a camera!"

I'f any of you guys should see this, I'm more than happy to email you your portrait!Thx for putting up with my nosy nose;-)

5 kommentarer:

Jon Frisk Carstensen sagde ...

Fede portrætter

Anonym sagde ...

Cool pictures! You took a picture of me also, I was standing near the guards room at the flag - do you by any chance still have that picture? :)

K-Nguyen sagde ...

Tak Jon!

Til Anonym:
Yeah I took a picture of all of you that day. Those who didn't made it to the cut, is because the lighting sucked or to blurry... sorry man:-(

Anonym sagde ...

hold da kæft nogle gode billeder, det var da for vildt. gid du havde gjort det imens jeg var i livgarden !!!

Anonym sagde ...

Hva' Søren, er der ikke ensretning for, om mikrofonen skal sidde på oversiden eller undersiden af bandolererne? - ellers meget gode billeder!